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Pathfiner: Pick Your Poison – or Potion

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Dec 2 2017

It’s about to get alchemical in Pathfinder with their upcoming Player’s Companion. Take a look!

Brew up a batch of burnt othur fumes, cook up some cockatrice spit, percolate some purple worm poison, mix up some mage bane, steep some spider vine, decant some dreaming death, gargle with greenblood oil, wow ’em with widow’s kiss–whatever your preferred method of delivery, there’s an alliterative poison to go with it in Pathfinder.

Of course if potions are your speed, there are plenty of those as well. Alchemists of all stripes are about to get a ton of new options to play around with in December when the Potions and Poisons companion drops, which will doubtless include all manner of new consumable items, and classes that make the most out of using them.


Whether you view alchemy as a means to an end, or the end in and of itself (because you want to play some weird arcane transhumanist who goes around changing their body via magic and chemistry and who knows what else), Potions and Poisons has got you covered. Outside of having your soul bound to a suit of armor when you should otherwise be dead, this is one of the best things that can happen to an Alchemist.

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Pathfinder Player’s Companion Potions and Poisons$14.99


Good for What Ails You!

Whether they’re used to bolster heroes’ abilities or take enemies out of the game, potions and poisons are key parts of many adventurers’ arsenals. Far more options than simple healing draughts or strength-sapping toxins are available to savvy heroes, though, especially those ingenious enough to craft their own concoctions. Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions & Poisons offers a sea of new potions, elixirs, and stranger alchemical wonders for the discerning adventurer, plus heinous designer poisons. Class and character options for those who brew or regularly imbibe consumables round out these offerings.

Inside this book you’ll find:

  • Feats and archetypes for races with an affinity for poisons, including gripplis, nagaji, and vishkanyas, plus the scorpion sorcerer bloodline for those with a toxic heritage.
  • Archetypes for a variety of classes known for brewing or poisoning, including alchemists, rogues, and witches.
  • Spells and feats specialized for potion brewing, plus drugs, elixirs, gear, poisons, and tinctures—alchemical remedies that produce potent effects but impair the user.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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