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Pimpcron: 40K 8th Edition – Don’t Ruin It

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Dec 22 2017

What started out great is now … starting to turn…

Sup bruhs? Its ya boi, Pimpcron and I just got back from the friggin’ gym where I did like 17 set reps of reverse squat lever presses and it was siiiiiiiiiiick! I was like, “No pains, no gains bro!” and the people at the gym were like, “You’re a machine!” Then I was all like, “Oh … yeah. I guess I am. This explains why I wasn’t feeling pain.” What an awkward moment. On a side note, I got the leg press machine’s number; I like my machines to be a bit thick, ya-know-what-I’m-saying???



Ah, I apologize for that. The raging sea of creativity in me gets a bit silly from time to time. I took my meds now, I’m leveled.

8th Started Out Great

I have liked 8th from the start, even if it isn’t perfect. I’ve talked before about things I missed liked templates and rear-arcs on vehicles. But overall I like this edition and most people I talk to do too. When I had my panel about our thoughts on 8th edition at Shorehammer, people had some things they didn’t care about. When the time came to show of hands if this edition was better overall than 7th, it was pretty unanimous that they thought 8th edition was in the right direction.

Ya know what I liked about 8th Edition? It was SIMPLE. Tactically I could use a tad bit more crunch, but there was one rulebook and every army was on even footing more or less. Not multiple FAQS, supplements, and White Dwarf entries. I was happy not to have to bring four different books to play my Chaos Marines. I was really excited about this new direction.

If you ask me, there’s only one direction worth going in. #1D4life


Then They Messed It Up

If I understand correctly, we have a rulebook that is supposed to explain the rules: the dozen or so pages of rules. Then you have your index for each army with rules. Cool, simple enough. Then we got FAQs almost right out of the gate. Alright, that’s kind of nice to have clarification immediately, especially when we used to wait months or years for FAQs. It sounded like they have their act together.

Then codices came out, which is awesome! But wait, they took some units out of the codex that were in the index. It took further FAQs to explain that if it is in the index, you can use the unit even if it’s not in the codex. Mmmmkay. Getting into a little mess here but it should be fine as long as they don’t over do it.

Look, even this bouncy ball is concerned.

You just bought the Guard codex? That’s exciting! But wait, a very short time after, they FAQ your points and some of your rules, so now you immediately have to start writing in your books or carrying FAQs around with you. That’s … sounding a lot like 7th edition now. Please Geedub, don’t do this again. Don’t go down this dark road like you just tried to correct.

Hey! Chapter Approved is here to change your rulebook! Come on guys! I thought this was supposed to be a fun and creative yearly. It turns out they threw in a couple of interesting things, but overall it was just more FAQs more or less.

I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Disappointed

Listen Geedub, your mother and I are becoming worried about you. You said you were clean and off the (rules) supplements. Now we find FAQs in your bedroom?! We all agreed that you wouldn’t use the opinions of every single whiner in your community so seriously. Now it seems you are just following the crowd again. Your story is always changing, and it makes it hard to believe you. First Scourges could ride in Raiders, now they can’t. Conscripts aren’t at all what you said they were just weeks prior. And your treatment of Storm Ravens has been all over the place. We just can’t handle all of the mood swings you’re having. The reason why you had to get clean is that the multiple books per army just to play your game was getting out of hand. Don’t go down this road again Geedub.


Full Disclosure

I do NOT hate this edition, I like most of it. But I am really getting worried about the stacks of books that are accumulating in my game room again just to play an army. Let’s not do this again. Keep it simple, and get your act together BEFORE you publish something. And, don’t just knee-jerk reaction nerf stuff at the drop of a hat.

~Are you getting worried about the rules bloat too?

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Author: Scott W.
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