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SW Destiny: Legacies Yellow Heroes & Villain Preview

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Dec 6 2017
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Star Wars: Destiny takes a trip to a wretched hive of scum & villainy – Bounty Hunters, Criminals, Warlords & Diplomats ahoy!

Fantasy Flight Games is bringing a ton of characters, new and old, to Star Wars: Destiny with the new Legacies expansion. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Yellow Hero and Villain cards. We have a lot to cover so lets dive in!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Heroes

Saw Gerrera is heading to the deck with his new card. He can force discards and deal indirect damage to your opponent.


Jar Jar Binks comes to the game. He’s truly unique in that either player can activate him. When you do, you both players reroll all dice not showing the symbol on Jar Jar’s die.


Some folks just want to watch the world burn. Explosive Tactics helps your Heroes do just that with discard and then indirect damage based on that discarded card’s cost.

Runaway Boomas will do just that – runaway! They can cascade which can lead to some incredible indirect damage output. But they are a gamble – if you’re feeling lucky, toss those Boomas and let them roll.



The Villains


Every big crime boss needs a majordomo at their side. Bib Fortuna let’s your roll one of your other character die into your pool. This can really help you get more out of your other characters.

Doctor Alpha helps with your card economy in two ways – she makes droids you play cheaper and allows you to draw more cards. Now, for the card draw to work you do have to take some indirect damage to do it…but hey, it’s an option!

Ahh Greedo. His ability doesn’t let him shoot first, but he’ll certainly shoot last! When Greedo goes down he’ll get to add a final few dice to the pool as a parting gift. They may or may not find their mark however…


Ark Angel is a new Villain Support vehicle that really helps with your action economy.  When you activate this support, you can activate two more other support cards! That will help get your combos rolling.

Sometimes you just have to trade to get what you need. This card heals two damage on an OPPONENT character. But you gain resources equal to the damage healed. I hope you’ve got a plan on how to spend those resources to get that damage back…

In Pursuit allows you to activate a your characters on the same activation. With the right deck setup, you could drop a ton of damage in very short order.

The Neutrals


Hondo Ohnaka is a character that can work for either side. He’s really only in it for the money, too. His ability is pretty mean as well – you’re either going to deal 3 damage to your opponent or get a resource from them. Not too shabby!

Cantina Brawl is pretty gimmicky. Once you do damage, your opponent can discard a card to repeat this effect. At that point, you’ll take a damage and can discard a card to repeat this effect. And it keeps going until someone runs out of cards or chooses to back off.

If you’d like to read more about these cards you can do that with the full FFG article HERE.

Star Wars: Destiny Legacies is slated for Q1 of 2018!

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Author: Adam Harrison
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