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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up – December 6th

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Dec 6 2017

Towering tripods and tenacious trolls- Come check out this week’s batch of tabletop Kickstarter highlights!


Tripods & Triplanes by Ares Games

Based on the H. G. Wells classic, Tripods & Triplanes is a new way to use your existing collection of Wings of Glory miniatures. After years of conflict, The Great War comes to a dramatic close when a meteor shower brings with it the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. Unstoppable Martian war machines sweep across the land, and the last hope for mankind rests on the shoulders of ace pilots controlling the most advanced airplanes of WWI. Tripods & Triplanes is a standalone miniatures game based on the Wings of Glory system, and is fully compatible with the existing WWI collection. As with Wings of Glory, the new tripod miniatures come fully assembled and pre-painted. Each tripod includes reference cards, a maneuver deck, and all the counters you need to field it on the tabletop. The starter box contains one Locust walker, a Nieuport 16, and all the rules, tokens, cards, and widgets you need to play for $45.



Trolls & Goblins by Aenor Miniatures

Aenor Miniatures is a recent startup from France that needs your help getting their line of goblin and troll miniatures off the ground and onto tabletops across the globe. The range currently consists of just over half a dozen goblins with miscellaneous weapons and gear, a champion, a mage, and two trolls with massive clubs. The goblins come in your choice of metal or resin, though the trolls are limited to the latter. Expect to pay around €5-€6/$6-$7 per goblin and €22/$26 per troll, with discounted bundles available for larger purchases.


Denizens of the Smog by Lead Adventure Miniatures


Lead Adventure Miniatures has returned with another batch of 28mm white metal minis. As the name implies, this latest range is focused on Steampunk civilians, thugs, investigators, inventors, and everything in-between. There’s 18 miniatures total, divided into nine different sets that cost €9/$11 each. You can grab all 18 models for €80/$95.


Bushido, The Way of the Warrior by Grey Fox Games

Bushido is a new competitive card and dice game by the company that brought you Champions of Midgard and Deception. Players compete to become the ultimate warrior by choosing their favorite weapon, drafting techniques from different martial arts schools, and fighting in fierce dice-driven duels. The game is designed to be 1v1, but you can bring the player count up to four by adding a second copy. Pledges start at $25 for the base game, with higher pledges available that include expansions, stretch goals, and additional copies.       


Elven Lords by Last Sword Miniatures

Finally we come to the relaunch of Last Sword’s line of 32mm plastic elves. These models would be perfect for regiment-style war games like 9th Age or Kings of War, and includes ranks of infantry like spearmen, archers, and command groups. Also included are a few heroes, like mages and elven warrior princes. The infantry come in sets of four models for €12/$14, and characters will cost you €8/$9 each. Models from Last Swords’ previous campaigns are also available as add-ons.



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Author: Frank Streva
  • CMON and Steve Jackson Partner for Munchkin Board Games