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Tabletop Spotlight: GW Battleforces

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Dec 6 2017

Brother Nicolas is here to bring all the emperor’s faithful cheer…with new Battleforce Bundles from Games Workshop!

This episode of the Tabletop Spotlight is on two of the new Battleforces from Games Workshop just in time for the Holidays!


In the video we cover two of the 4 Age of Sigmar Battleforces. There are another 4 Warhammer 40k Battleforces as well. Each Battleforce will have all the miniatures featured on the box and they all come with rules. The Age of Sigmar Battleforces also come with a special Warscroll (aka formation) for each.

If you’d like to see a complete pricing breakdown we’ve got those covered:

40K Bundle Deal Breakdown

AoS Bundle Deal Breakdown

What’s really interesting about these boxes (besides the hefty discount) is that most of them pair perfectly well with their Start Collecting! counter parts. In fact, if you’re a new player and want to jump right in with a new army, that’s a One-Two punch that will get you going!

Kharadron Overlords $170

Far above the highest mountain peaks, a new power has arisen. In secrecy they have grown strong, developing new technology and weapons of war. Guided by their Code, the Kharadron Overlords have sent forth their sky-fleets, commanding to return with riches, or not at all…


A fantastic way to begin the core of your own Kharadron Overlords army – or bolster one you already have – this is a great-value collection of miniatures with which to build your very own Sky-fleet. Included are the following 16 plastic miniatures:

– An Arkanaut Admiral, armed with a skalfhammer and volley pistol, encased in ornate armour;
– An Arkanaut Frigate, featuring a heavy skycannon or skyhook as a front-facing main weapon, with aethershot carbines, grudgesettler bombs, skymines and detonation drills attached to the hull;
– A Grundstok Gunhauler, featuring a choice of sky cannon or drill cannon;
– A set of 3 Skywardens, with aethermatic volley gun, skyhook, drill cannon and grapnel launcher, along with options for a Custodian;
– A 10-model Arkanaut Company, each clutching a privateer pistol and Arkanaut cutters, with options for skypike, multi-barrelled aethermatic volley gun or light skyhook.

Included are the bases and stems necessary for the kits – 1 105x70mm Oval base, 1 120x92mm Oval base, 4 32mm Round bases, 10 25mm Round bases, 2 50mm Ball Socket Flying Stems and 3 25mm Groove Flying Stems, along with a Warscroll Battalion.


Tzeentch Arcanites $170

The Changer of Ways, the Master of Fortune, the Great Conspirator and the Architect of Fate – these are just some of the names of Tzeentch. A brother god to Nurgle, Khorne and Slaanesh, and often an ally of the Horned Rat, he is the undisputed master of the arcane arts. His daemonic followers swarm over the battlefields in scintillating glory, searing the land with coruscating flames of change.

A fantastic way to begin the core of your own Tzeentch army – or bolster one you already have – this is a great-value collection of miniatures with which to build your own Arcanite Changecult. Included are the following 47 plastic miniatures:


– A Tzaangor Shaman, wielding a ritual dagger and staff of change atop his elaborate Disc of Tzeentch;
– A set of 3 Tzaangor Enlightened, armed with spears – these can be assembled riding Discs of Tzeentch or on foot;
– A set of 3 Tzaangor Skyfires, armed with greatbows, atop Discs of Tzeentch, with the option to build one as an Aviarch;
– A set of 20 Tzaangors, with a huge selection of weapons and customisation – savage blades, arcanite shields and sets of axe and pick, along with 48 (!) heads;
– A set of 20 Kairic Acolytes, each armed with a selection of a cursed blade, a pair of cursed blades or a cursed blade and arcanite shield.

Included are the bases necessary for the kits – 7 40mm Round bases and 40 32mm Round bases – along with a Warscroll Battalion.


Stuff those Stockings!

Author: Adam Harrison
  • 40K Lore: Mysteries of the Sanguinor