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ToyLand: The Ultimate Ghostbusters Play Set

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Dec 11 2017

This 1/6 scale Ecto-1 is over 40 inches long and packed with cool features – including the iconic siren.

This is the Ecto-1 you really wanted as a kid, but no one made it back then. It’s high quality model car with working wheels, doors, lights, and sirens that really begs to be driven to a haunted doll house where the Ghostbusters can rid Barbie of Zuul. At least that’s what I’d do with it.


BLITZWAY Ghostbusters 1/6 Scale ECTO-1 – $1390.00

  • Fully functional lighting system with 45 individual LEDs
  • Embedded digital audio player with siren
  • 5 fully functioning doors
  • Openable bonnet
  • Interlocking, turntable front wheels
  • Expected to be available January 2019



That’s not all, folks. What is Ecto-1 without the Ghost Busters? Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, and Egon Spengler are also available in highly detailed, 1/6th scale so you can have a full set to play with. You can buy the characters individually for $224.99, or get all four for $896.00 on Bluefin. All of the guys come with multiple sets of hands, a cloth khaki jumpsuit, a proton pack, and all of their ghost trapping equipment. If you buy the 4 character set you also get Slimer. 


Come on now, this is the ultimate play set for a Ghostbusters fan. Yeah, at over $2k for all of it, it’s a bit pricey – but damn is it awesome. You know you’d buy a set if you didn’t have student loans and car payments.



I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Author: Mars Garrett
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