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Wyrd: New Little Monsters for the Gibbering Hordes

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Dec 12 2017

This creepy crawler has toxic spines, and provides range on the tabletop.

The Crawlers are one of the most common members in the Gibbering Hordes, and they fall at the bottom of the food chain. Barbed Crawlers live in the shallows of Malifaux’s oceans, killing their prey using toxic barbs. On Earth they traverse both land and sea, searching for food and places to lay their eggs.

On the table, Barbed Crawlers are one of the Gibbering Hordes’ only ranged units. Barbed Crawlers serve as a cheap source of ranged attacks and, when needed, cannon fodder. Their barbs aren’t very dangerous, but the automatic application of Pinned Tokens can assist in whittling down enemy forces. When in Glory, their barbs gain a number of very useful Triggers that allow them to fill multiple battlefield roles.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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