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Wyrd: The Soulstone Aficionado Can Shape Fate

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Dec 19 2017

The latest pursuit from Above the Law is obsessed with Soulstones.

The Guild is set on controlling the supply of the powerful gems. When you learn what this aficionado can do, you’ll understand why.

The Soulstone Aficionado is an advanced pursuit from Above the Law that focuses on expanding the use of Soulstones. Aficionados increase the range at which their Soulstones gain charges from dying characters, and each time they complete a step of the advanced pursuit, one of their allies gives them a raw, uncut Soulstone. The more charming the character is, the higher the Soulstone’s Lade.


As an Aficionado becomes more skilled, they  becomes capable of increasingly impressive Soulstone-related feats, such as granting Fast to anyone they heal with a Soulstone to that old staple of 1e Malifaux, draining the souls of everyone around them to replenish an uncharged Soulstone. At the peak of their power, Soulstone Aficionados can actually spend a Soulstone’s charges to draw cards from the Fate Deck into their hand, allowing them to mold and shape fate in ways hitherto unseen in Through the Breach.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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