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40K: CSM, Daemons, & Death Guard FAQ Explosion

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Jan 22 2018


Games Workshop unloads the latest FAQs – It’s all CHAOS all the time!

Just in time for LVO, GW is unleashing Chaos with 3 new FAQs to answer all your burning questions…mostly. Check them out:

Codex: Chaos Space Marines FAQ

Couple of interesting notes for CSM:

Horrors got an entirely NEW datasheet! This is the first time we have ever seen GW print a NEW datasheet inside an FAQ.

Also, the Daemon Keyword got shifted around on a couple units:


I wonder why they would that…

Codex: Death Guard FAQ

Nothing crazy here, just a couple more units get their Daemon Keyword shifted…

Codex: Chaos Daemons FAQ

Well now, that explains the changes:


So there you have it folks – Faction Keywords vs Keywords DO matter…mostly.


Take a look at those three FAQs and digest them before your next game vs Chaos!


No man weeps for Be’lakor…

Author: Adam Harrison
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