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40K: Custodes are the Ultimate Glass Hammer

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Jan 24 2018

I used to think the Dark Eldar were the game’s glass hammer – but I was wrong.

You all remember the old argument for the ultimate glass hammer – the Dark Eldar.

They were so lethal with all those Dark Lances, so fast with all those Raiders, but oh so fragile with that spandex-clad T:3 across the board.

Funny how you almost never see the Drukhari in 8th Edition *cough-ynarri*…

But after getting in a few games with Adeptus Custodes I’ve changed my tune.

I think the championship belt for Glass Hammer now goes to the Emperor’ golden boys.


But Aren’t they Tough?

They are just a more extreme version of glass hammer.

Where as the Dark Eldar were super-fast, the Custodes can get anywhere on the table on turn 1 if they really want (Vexilla teleporter – CHARGE!). Also with the across the board speed increase of units in 8th, the Drukhari got a little less special in the speed department.

Where as the Dark Eldar were lethal – the Custodes are moreso – they just have to get right up to point blank range to use it. They can drop almost anything non-Forge World in a single turn if you let them get up in your face.

Where as the Dark Eldar were fragile – the Custodes are moreso – they lack the one thing in 8th edition that helps keep you in the game and able to take a punch – model-count.

The Custodes are the ultimate all-or-nothing army. You HAVE to play them almost insanely aggressive as both time and math are not on your side. This is an army that start feeling vulnerable if it hasn’t inflicted serous damage to the enemy by turn 2.  Sure they have the most potent and durable infantry on a per model basis – but smart foes will spread out, keep you at arm’s length and just throw every laser-bolt-bullet-spell-kitchen sink they have at you. Some of those shots will get through and you DON’T have any bodies to spare. This is an army where losing 4-5 guys in a turn is HORRIBLE. Even losing 2-3 makes you start sweating.

But Are They Fair?

What is really interesting – is Custodes games go fast and have a lot of drama and tense moments.  While time will tell if the Custodes have what it takes to really work their way into the meta – certainly some individual models will be showing up all over tabletops soon (I’m looking at you Vexillas).

 Will vexilla for food!


But so far what GW has made is an army that is genuinely FUN to play. Games don’t drag on, are high-risk high-reward, and awards a very cavalier play-style. Like the Ork’s say – if you win, you win – and if you lose, you’re dead so it doesn’t count. With their teensy model-count, you can just rack ’em up and try again!

~ And I’m having a blast!

Author: Larry Vela
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