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40K: Adeptus Custodes – Send In The Troops

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Jan 16 2018
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The Custodes march to war and they are bringing the might of the Emperor with them! Time to review the Troops special rules!

Games Workshop has highlighted some of the awesomeness that the Custodes will be bringing to the tabletop. Yesterday we got a look at their heroes and today we’re reviewing the back-bone of their army: The Troops!

via Warhammer Community

Aegis of the Emperor

First off, we see the Aegis of the Emperor which is a great tool for helping the durability of your army. Not only is it a 5+ Invulnerable save, you also get a “Feel No Pain” Save of a 6 vs Mortal Wounds caused in the Psychic Phase.

The Emperor’s Chosen

The Emperor’s Chosen is a special rule that will apply to “every Infantry and Biker Unit” in a pure Adeptus Custodes Detachment. Effectively, this means that your units will never have worse than a 4+ Invulnerable save. That’s pretty good odds against saving vs those high Strength/AP shots like Lascannons or Krak Missiles. It’s also better vs multi-damage causing close combat attacks!

Sworn Guardians


So the good news is that Sworn Guardians will apply to ALL Infantry and Bikers in the Adeptus Custodes army. That’s going to help mitigate the disadvantages of a lower model count. That bad news is that an enemy Troop squad will still outnumber you and be able to take the objective just based on pure numbers. So, as a Custodes player, you’re going to want to neutralize those threats if you want to score those objectives.

“Custodian Guard themselves have received a variety of discreet improvements in the new codex. For one, they’re now BS 2+, allowing them to get a little more out of their surprisingly powerful attacks with their Guardian Spears. For another, they can now be taken in units of three, meaning if you build a Vexilla and a Shield Captain out of your Custodes set, you’ll still be able to build a playable unit with the remaining models. Finally, the Custodian Guard combine superbly with some of the new Stratagems in the book, particularly Piercing Strike, which makes wounding larger foes much easier.”

The fact that Custodian Guards can be taken in units of 3 is nice for the player who want to make Shield Captains as you can still use the rest of the models in the box to form a “legal” unit. But perhaps more importantly,  that will also help the Custodes fill out those force org slots (so they can then get more Command Points). And you’re going to want Command Points so you can use new stratagems like Piercing Strike and From Golden Light They Come:



If you’d like to read more about the Custodes army then you can read more from the Warhammer Community Site HERE. You can also read the lore behind the Custodes at the Lexicanum!


What do you think of these Troop rules for the Custodes? Do you think they will be enough to make them viable on the tabletop vs Horde armies?

Author: Adam Harrison
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