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40K: Let’s Talk Custodes & Command Points

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Jan 18 2018

The Custodes have some really great Stratragems – But can they actually use them?

So far we’ve seen a handful of the Custodes Stratagems, and while they seem useful, they seem REALLY expensive. Let’s just take a quick look at the ones that are out so far to get an idea:


Just by looking at these Stratagems, the “useful” options are fairly expensive and the “cheap ones” require point-wise expensive units in your army (with the exception of Piercing Strike which is probably going to get used more than any other one). Now, it’s not that we don’t like these abilities – we do – it’s just that they are really expensive CP wise. The problem is we don’t think they are going to be able to pack in a TON of Command Points. Let’s talk some math.

Custodes & Detachments

If the Custodes wanted to fill the basics of a Battalion Detachment, we’re all ready sitting in the 800-900 range for points. That’s based on the old points values of their Troops (52 points x minimum 3 in a unit now) and what we estimate the points cost of an HQ will be (200ish points). So even if you take 2 minimum sized Battalions at 2000 points, you’re still only sitting at a total of 9 CPs. And that’s not counting if you want take any of the “cool” stuff like a Vehicle, Jetbikes, Dreads or a Land Raider (much less two if you wanted to use Networked Machine Spirits). Either the Custodes are going to need a massive points drop (which they won’t get) or they are just going to run lean on CPs.

What About The Other Stratagems?

Now it’s true that we’ve only seen those 7 from above – and if the Custodes follow the pattern of other armies they should end up with 15-20 Stratagems to use. We’re sure there will be cheaper Stratagems, but at the same time if all the “good stuff” is 3 CPs that doesn’t bode well for a smaller, elite fighting force. Think about it – if you spend 2 CPs on a Stratagem that effects a Tactical Squad you’re impacting 10 models with everything they do. If you spend 3 CPs to use From Golden Light They Come, with the minimum unit sizes you used, that’s a whopping 6 models. And that was 1/3 or a 1/2 of your CPs before the game even started. You can’t tell me you aren’t going to use the re-roll stratagem when you fail a pivotal save or two – you’re going to NEED those CPs!

Custodian Hopes & Dreams

At this point things aren’t looking that good for the Custodes and CPs. However, we do have some possible solutions:

  1. Not as Small or Elite as we all think – It’s possible that they ARE going to be cheaper. That would help with the model count issues and give them a way to fill out the Force Org Charts to get access to more CPs. We don’t think this is going to happen, but it could.
  2. Amazing 1 Point Stratagems – Hey, maybe GW is holding out on us and the rest of the Stratagems are down-right amazing 1 pointers that are just too good to pass-up.
  3. Access to More Command Points – It’s not unheard of for armies to get access to abilities that let them regain spent CPs. In fact, that’s a pretty popular way to fix those CP shortages. An alternative is that their HQs will just give them a bonus CP or two at the start of the game.

3 Point Dives? eh….Maybe if I’m desperate.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on this Codex. The Custodes seem like they could be a really cool and different army to collect and play. Unfortunately, the deck seems really stacked against them and the lack of CPs is only going to hinder this army even more. But who knows – they might end up with some AMAZING tricks to overcome those stacked odds.


What do you think about the Custodes and their Stratagems so far? Do you think that will be an issue or are you confident they can win without heavy CP usage?


Author: Adam Harrison
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