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40K: Nurgle Gets 2 More Minis this Week

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Jan 3 2018

GW is really pushing a lot of Nurgle models onto the shelves this weekend.

We already talked about the Codex, Great Unclean One, and Beasts of Nurgle. But it looks like GW has a couple more they snuck into the line up for your wallet to deal with.

Multiple retailers are reporting the following:


Again – this mini is a MASTERPICE – on so many levels!

Horticulous Slimux – Gardener of Nurgle  $55

I just noticed the Nurgling eating the scroll. STOP THAT!

Spoilpox Scriviner – Herald of Nurgle $25

~I CANT Wait to see Horticulous’ stats for 40K. Munch better be good!





Author: Larry Vela
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