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40K RUMORS: The Next Codex is…

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Jan 3 2018
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Lots of rumors coming in as we hit 2018. Here’s the latest word on what’s coming after Chaos Daemons:

We have 11 40K Codexes out so far – a frantic pace for 7 months since 8th Edition Warhammer 40,000 arrived.  GW themselves said don’t expect the pace to slow down.

Industry professionals report the following:

  • T’au Empire is beloved to be the 12th Codex
  • Look for GW to keep with the standard existing codex practice of no new models.
  • Look for Age of sigmar to give the pointy eared folks some love in the near future after Malign Portents

Rumor Thoughts

T’au would not be a surprise.  Based on some careful reading of Chapter Approved I believe that T’au and Necrons are the most likely next books.  In any case I fully expect GW to continue the pattern of little to no new models released until they are done with all the 40K books. Even in the case of Chaos Daemons it’s redos of existing models, rather than new ones.

Still I want me some plastic Vespids.  These are just ancient and need to go:

On the Age of Sigmar front we have had rumors since Q4 of last year that GW would be redoing the “ex-High Elves” into their new form as part of the Order Grand Alliance. Based on how the WFB Dwarf – to – Kharadron Overlords redo turned out I have high hopes.

~The question for you is if GW makes a new unit in the T’au book that uses an existing model – what would it be?




Author: Larry Vela
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