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40K: The Unbeatable List – LVO 2018

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Jan 29 2018
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It’s all over and out of hundreds, only one list fought it’s way to the winner’s circle. Meet the current king of 40K’s Meta:

I would like to congratulate Nick Nanavati who took the 40K Championship with his list. Take a look:


Notice anything you might have seen before in competitive lists?

Say Dark Reapers? (who I bet are now on GW’s short list for a rules tweak)

or Ynarri? (who are equally destabilizing to the entire Aeldari faction)

What Makes the List Tick

Basically the list is extremely effective at ranged shooting by emphasizing Dark Reapers. The multiple Reaper units can lay down the heavy damage at range, and with 4 indirect fire Tempest Launcher Exarchs on the table, there is no hiding from them. Mixed with them is the power of Ynarri, giving them the ability to get two shooting phases with the Ynarri Reapers.


The Guardians and Shining Spears deploy via the Webway Strike strategem to come down and shoot and double move the Spears to assault and murder things.

The army is extremely flexible and can deploy everywhere with Rangers to cover any objectives encountered.

It has a potent Psychic Phase with Craftworld Eldar access to all the usual suspects such as with fortune, doom, guide, jinx, enverate etc.

It has access to al the Craftworld Strategems it needs.

The Ynarri detachment fields Shining Spears as Saim-Hann so they can advance and charge, combined with the double Ynarri move – means the unit can be across the table and assaulting what they need.

There are a pair of Wave Serpents that can hold the critical Dark Reapers to shield them from Alpha Strikes on turn 1, then disembark them and move out to cause trouble.

Fundamentally the list can do everything. Be all over the board, shoot extremely well, and counter assault as needed.


It’s an army that is extremely difficult to overcome who’s rules combos allows it to ignore many of the game’s rules.

In theory the list may have had a difficult opponent in the form of massed flamers, but it didn’t face such a list.


~ So what do you think of the current top list in 40K, and what will knock it off the top?





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