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40K: Thousand Sons Hype-Train Leaves The Station

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Jan 22 2018
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After a surprise appearance last week, the Thousand Sons are back this week with a brand new Faction Focus from GW!

All aboard the Thousand Sons Hype-Train – it’s time to check out what the sons of Magnus can do with their new codex courtesy of Games Workshop.

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Powerful Sorcerers Means Powerful Psykers

Starting off the preview from GW, we get a look at what is arguably their strongest phase – the Psychic Powers! Not only will you get access to the Dark Hereticus Discipline, you’ll also have an entirely unique one to choose from: Discipline of Change. Here are a pair of powers that you’ll have at your disposal:


Doombolt is a classic Thousand Sons power and it’s back again to bring the Mortal Wounds. Not only does it pump out D3 Mortal Wounds, it also halves the target’s Move characteristic for the following movement phase and they can’t advance. Nifty!

Glamour of Tzeentch


Glamour of Tzeentch will help you keep your big stuff (or the little guys) from getting hit. It’s a -1 to enemy hit rolls that target the unit. Always appreciated.

That’s not all – GW has one more tidbit about your Psychic Powers:

“Daemonic sorcerers in your Thousand Sons army – that’s Daemon Princes of Tzeentch and Magnus the Red himself – can also take advantage of the Discipline of Tzeentch from Codex: Chaos Daemons “

Yep! Thousand Sons are getting 3 different sets of psychic powers in total. Typically, that’s 6 powers per set plus Smite for a total of 19 powers to toss around the tabletop.

An (un)Natural Combo

Some folks might have picked-up on this during the stream but GW spells out one set of tricks you can pull with the T-Sons and spells out exactly how it works:


Webway Infiltration

The combo starts with Webway Infiltration. Yes, you read that right – WEBWAY. As in Aeldari. Yeah…ANYWAYS, it allows you to do exactly what you think it’s going to do: “Deepstrike” a unit within 9″ of an enemy. GW recommends using a unit of Rubric Marines with Warpflamers. “But aren’t Flamers 8″ range? You won’t be able to shoot them!” That’s true. Good thing they still have access to Warptime then, huh!

“Want to use a unit of Rubric Marines with warpflamers but don’t want to risk them as they cross the table? Simply use the Webway Infiltration Stratagem, followed by the Warptime psychic power, to get them close enough to your enemy to unleash hell. Should any foe manage to charge you, simply use the Dark Matter Crystal and teleport somewhere else…”

Dark Matter Crystal

Okay…that is pretty mean. I’m pretty sure you could then Warp Time them back into range and get your Flame-on all over again, too…Ouch!

Beware the Rhino!

T-Sons transports are no slouches in close combat thanks to their new Warpflame Gargoyles Stratagem:


You could also use this on vehicles with larger footprints like Land Raiders, too. D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+ is no joke.

Cycle of Slaughter

Tzaangors are going to be your preferred Melee unit. Now, I’m not sure how often this is going to get used but it’s one of those Stratagems that will be nice to have in your back pocket if you REALLY need them to finish off a unit.

These next two stratagems are all about the Chaos Spawn love. I know, I know – they aren’t exactly the most popular option in the CSM arsenal (they aren’t terrible…but they aren’t auto-include either). But these two abilities might make them a little more reliable – or maybe help you get your points worth.

Fated Mutation

Finally, a way to PICK the mutation they get for the turn. This actually makes Chaos Spawn in a big unit pretty mean. When you get to PICK which mutation they get AND get a re-roll for their attacks for 1 CP, they go from mostly okay to Swiss Army Knife good.

The Flesh-Change


And the last preview from GW is The Flesh-Change. This allows you to kill one of your own T-Sons Infantry Characters and replace it with a Spawn…And it’s FREE for Matched Play Games (in terms of reinforcement points at least). See – this spawn will TOTALLY get it’s points back (ya know, being free and all).

If you want to check out more, read the full article HERE.


What do you think of the Thousand Sons Previews – Who’s ready for Magnus!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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