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40K: Thousands Sons Codex At Warhammer World Open

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Jan 6 2018

The Thousand Sons Codex was revealed at Warhammer World Open Day – The Sons of Magnus return!

Was the lack of Chaos getting you down? Well fret not because the Thousand Sons are back and getting a new Codex for Warhammer 40,000 8th!

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That’s not all, however – as well as giving you plenty of new ways to build and customise your Thousand Sons army, some new units will be making their debut in Warhammer 40,000. Thanks to the new codex, you’ll be able to lead your Tzaangor into battle with the Tzaangor Shaman or support them with disc-riding Tzaangor Enlightened – perfect if you’ve been looking for an excuse to pick up these models for your Tzeentch army. For those of you willing to risk mutation or madness, you’ll also be able to enlist a massive Mutalith Vortex beast to your dazzling ensemble, further expanding the forces the Changer of Ways.

That’s right folks, the Tzaangors are also getting updated to fight along side the Sons of Magnus.


You can expect to see a whole new batch of Warlord Traits, Army Special Rules, Psychic Powers, Wargear & More for the Thousand Sons!

“My boys are back in town…”


No word yet on exactly when this codex is dropping. We just got word about the Adeptus Custodes as well. Are they going to be a joint release or will they be back-to-back? I guess we’ll find out soon.


I’ll take any reason to see a Mutalith Vortex Beast on the tabletop!


Author: Adam Harrison
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