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40K: What Does Codex Adeptus Custodes Mean?

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Jan 8 2018

GW’s latest codex out of the blue points the way at GW’s path ahead for the game.

This weekend GW pulled the covers off an all new codex like a bolt from the blue! There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with an all new army.

Adeptus Custodes looks to be an amazing addition to the game.

Simmer Down

First a quick aside for the fluff fanatics.

Remember that for all you out there saying the Adeptus Custodes are TOO ELITE and rare of a force to merit inclusion as an army on the tabletop. The Custodes unofficial name is “The 10,000” – their standing strength since the time of the Great Crusade. Yes IT’S TRUE – there are TEN TIMES AS MANY CUSTODES AS ULTRAMARINES! I’m sure in the new order Guilliman can just order a mere 2-3000 of them to get out there and start kicking ass in the galaxy.  Then they would only be 2-3 times as worthy of a codex as the Ultramarines – while still leaving 7000 to guard the Holy Cadaver back home.


Ok, Back to the Codex

From what GW has revealed this looks like a codex wrapped by about 3-4 new kits on top of the existing default Custodes we got out of Burning of Prospero. Throw in a bunch of “standard” Marine kits for them to use – like Land Raiders and Contemptor dreads – and you have a codex very, very similar to what Grey Knights looked like when GW rolled them out.


And that has me thinking – there are several more or these “mini factions” that GW could roll into a codex using 3-4 new kits on top of existing vehicle ranges.


1 HQ, 2 other boxes of new units and a smattering of Craftworld and Dark Eldar vehicles would blow the Harleys into a full fledged standalone army.


Sisters of Battle

HQ, 2-3 infantry squads, and LOTS of borrowed Imperial vehicles and Ministorum units will do it.



Sisters of Silence

Pretty much identical to Custodes – but with shiny metal corsets.


Kroot Mercs

2-3 Kroot kits and some “borrowed vehicles” from whomever has hired them. I will heartbroken if we don’t get the Krootbird as a plastic bit!

He’s the cutest Toucan Sam of the grimdark!


Imperial Knights


Give these guys 2-3 kits to represent their household infantry and mounted warriors – along with some Rhinos and they are ready to roll.

~ What “mini-factions” do you think GW is most likely to pump up into codexes this year?

Author: Larry Vela
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