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Codex Thousand Sons: 1st Rules Changes Revealed

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Jan 19 2018

Thousand Sons are coming on the heels of Adeptus Custodes and the first set of rules are out.

GW played a Thousand sons vs Adeptus Custodes game today on Warhammer TV. While they didn’t go over the Thousand Sons codex page by page on camera, eagle eyed watchers like High Times on the Eastern Fringe were taking notes:



via High Times on the Eastern Fringe:

  • Reroll 1s on the invulnerable saves is out. I didn’t catch what new aura we got.
  • Legion Trait sounded like +6″ spell range (maybe just first cast spell per model or maybe all spells).
  • Dark Matter Crystal (a relic) allows you to remove a unit close to the bearer from the board and redeploy the unit via deep strike.
  • Aspiring Sorcerers can take other spells (unsure if you can take it on top of Smite or if you drop Smite).
  • Glamour of Tzeentch spell gives one of your unit -1 to hit protection.
  • Doombolt spell does some damage and reduces target units move.
  • Temporal Manipulation is another spell but I have no idea of what it does.
  • Infernal Gateway deals Mortal Wounds, like an area effect.
  • Tzaangor Shaman is an elite choice and not HQ. The Shaman can reroll a Psychic test (probably the Elixir from AoS).
  • Tzaangor Enlightened can take bows and shoot magical arrows that auto-wound on to hit rolls of 6+. Assault 1d3 shots.
  • Lord of Forbidden Lore Warlord Trait give an additional spell.
  • There is a stratagem that allows a unit to set up in the webway or something like that. Deep strike. Works on Tzaangors at least.
  • Mutalith Vortex Beast buffs nearby units. Like reroll charge rolls if you’re in the 6″ aura.

Goatboy was watching as well and reported:

  • The new disc units functioned very much like Eldar  jetbikes
  • Warptime is still in (Dark Hereticus) and more.
  • Teleportation Tricks are available for the army.
  • Veterans of the Long War was used.
  • There ARE Magnus changes (still trying to track them down)

~Have at it!



Author: Larry Vela
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