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It’s Victory or Valhalla In The First Expansion For ‘Aristeia!’

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Jan 18 2018
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Soldiers of Fortune has everything; whether you’re a tactical strategist, a spirit bending hacker, a Norse warrior or an ex-luchador with a sweet butt.

Aristeia! is a two player competitive skirmish game with a variety of characters and abilities, making it much more variable than other similar games out there. This expansion adds 4 new characters each with 4 new, unique tactics cards. Unlike in other skirmish games, in Aristeia! players can pick and choose their favorite characters to create their team. This expansion also adds two new states:

  • FOCUSED: Targets affected by this State may remove this State before making a Roll to add a Yellow Die to that Roll.
  • STUNNED: Targets affected by this State must Nullify a Hit before the Switches step of each of their Rolls.



Blunt as a sledgehammer. Valkyrie charges to the Scoring Zone and seizes it. If Valkyrie has chosen you, there’s no place in the HexaDome where you can hide. She will find you, and she will beat you. Or worse, she will trap you and make you watch your team’s defeat.

Valkyrie provides damage and Zone control, especially in the first Turn. She is an Off-Tank with a dreadful attack, Charge of the Valkyrie, that becomes more effective the more she moves. Frostbite makes of her the first character capable of  Immobilizing several enemies at once, easily threatening a couple of enemies for the remainder of the game.

– Valkyrie may take advantage of characters Immobilized by hEXx3r.
– She shines in control-focused teams (ie: hEXx3r, Major Lunah and Gata).




Hannibal is both manager and fighter of his own team. A natural born leader inside and outside the HexaDome. He doesn’t stand out because of his combat skills, but because of his ability to help his teammates get a jump on the enemy. He is a total strategist, intelligent, capable of reading and understanding the game to his benefit. A skill developed in a world where there are no second chances.

Support whose main ability is to allow an Ally perform one of their Actions during Hannibal’s activation. He may grant an additional orange die to his Allies passively. His Tactics are very powerful. He manages the Running Order and the deck of Tactics.

– Any character with an Action that costs 2 or less which we want to boost (hEXx3r, Major Lunah, Señor Massacre, or Valkyrie).




People come in two flavors: those who use Maya, and those who understand it. Laxmee doesn’t just read Maya, she converses with it. She has that intuition. She can influence her teammates, or her enemies, with subtleness and discretion. Her programs are those little weights that end up tipping the balance in her favor.

Support character capable of buffing or debuffing other aristos. She may impose both the Stunned State and the Focused State, which she uses to alter the odds of dice rolls. She’s also capable of removing any other State. Her Allies may take advantage of her Automatic Skill Fairy Dust to spend Focused tokens imposed on them to remove any other State they may have.

– With the Focused State, both Miyamoto Mushashi and Wild Bill increase dangerously their odds of triggering their Switches to attack again. And spending it to remove the Immobilized State may be key, especially for Miyamoto.
– Any Character that depends on ! to trigger their Switches.
– This character is key to face control-focused teams.

Señor Massacre


Merc and showman, Señor Massacre is as violent as he is chatty. His military past provides him with enough experience to honor his stage name. In the middle of the fight, katanas in his hands, the result tends to be a lot of mortally wounded enemies, to say the least. His constant mockery of the show, everyone else, and himself, is just his way of constantly avoiding a past that haunts him, trying to drive him crazy.

Close combat fighter with a little tankie aspect. His Regeneration and his 4 Hit Points make them very tough. His main weapon is Taunting, which he can take advantage of to control enemies, deal more damage, or even jump long distances. As his Attack costs just 2 Action Points, he may attack twice if he doesn’t need to move.

– Because of the use of the Taunted State: Maximus.
– Hannibal may grant him an extra Attack per Round with his Programmed Strategy.

via Corvus Belli

Aristeia!: Soldiers of Fortune29.99€ – March 23, 2018

One hundred and seventy five years into the future, the human race has reached the stars. The ancient nations have gathered into immense, international, federated blocks and have divided the star systems proved suitable for human life. The most advanced medicine makes it possible to extend life and, together with the most advanced (and most expensive) technology, almost reach corporeal immortality. It also allows treats such as the most popular extreme contact sport: Aristeia!, a series of high-level, armed combats where death is a real possibility.

Aristeia! is the new sports game and MOBA style by Corvus Belli that allows two players to take the role of a competition team manager in the greatest visual show of the Human Sphere.


The game! will allow players to choose their team and jump into action in the HexaDome, the arena where the definitive contact sport takes place. Players will enjoy the dynamic and spectacular nature of Aristeia! thanks to the exclusive character cards and Tactics cards representing incredible combat feats.

In little more than one hour, players will enjoy a fun game that will immerse them in strategies and tactics that promise to become addictive.

  • 2 Players
  • 60 – 90 Minutes
  • Ages 14+

I wonder in Senor Massacre’s favorite food is chimichangas?

Author: Matt Sall
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