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New Skeletons from Neptune Studios have Plenty of Character

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Jan 21 2018
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Justin Cottom – the sculptor behind Neptune Studios – is self taught. He’s been learning the craft using online tutorials for the last 3 years. The work he’s including in the Kickstarter really shows his talent. The pieces look awesome, and they exude a sense of fantasy that’s fun.

That’s in part because of the inspiration behind them: cartoons from the 1980s and 1990s. Justin wanted to bring the 2D drawings to life, and you can see that in the boots and proportions of the bones. I see a little Harryhausen in the sculpts, too.


The core set includes four heroically proportioned fantasy skeletons: the cunning commander, deadly ranger, savage barbarian, and vile cleric.

Backers will be getting downloadable models they can either print themselves or have them printed by companies like Shapeways and 3D Hubs – both of which Justin used in his design process. He had multiple prototypes printed in order to make adjustments, all with the goal of creating the best sculpt possible. He’s made sure that folks will be putting a quality product on the table.

The examples were printed by Shapeways in 32mm scale and painted by the sculptor.

You can get all 4 digital files for only $12.00 and have them printed at a price point that you choose. There are five stretch goals for more digital files of characters. Justin shared the first with us as an exclusive – this dynamically posed Abyssal Warrior in armor will be unlocked at the $600 mark.

This file for this model, and four others, will be available as a $4.00 add on once unlocked.



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Author: Mars Garrett
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