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40K: Adeptus Custodes Warlord Traits & Relics

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Jan 20 2018

Games Workshop’s final preview of the Adeptus Custodes codex is here!

All week long we’ve been getting previews for the Adeptus Custodes. Monday was a look at the HQ for the Custodes. Tuesday we saw a preview of benefits for their Troops. After that, we saw the Fast Attack and Heavy Armor preview. And Thursday saw a focus on their Elite choices. Friday brought us their stratagems which we’re still conflicted about. Today, we finally dig into their Warlord Traits and Relics – it’s time to create your own custom Custodes Characters!


via Warhammer Community

The Relics

“All in all, you’ll have 13 Relics of Terra, including items that provide support to your whole army and archeotech weapons which improve combat prowess.”

The Praetorian Plate

Did your other character get into a jam? Well good thing back-up is at hand! The Praetorian Plate allows you to teleport to the aid of a friendly Imperium Character. The don’t need to be one the battlefield, but they can be! On top of that there is no “once per game” restriction on this, either. So in theory if you get separated from your buddy, you could always teleport back to them again… A question we have is what happens when you “set them up” for the second time – does that allow you to pick a different friendly character? Could you use this to hop around the battlefield? We’ve got questions!!

Auric Shackles


This piece of tech is pretty mean. Firstly, you reduce the number of attacks an enemy character has by 1 while they are within 6″ – and if you are playing with Slay the Warlord, you get an extra D3 VPs if you kill them in the Fight Phase with the bearer of the Shackles.

Raiment of Sorrow

GW didn’t post a picture of this one, but here’s what they said about it:

“The Raiment of Sorrows means that every Infantry and Biker model standing near the wielder has the chance to make one final attack, meaning enemies are forced to consider the risk of enduring another volley from your Vertus Praetors’ salvo launchers or hail of blows from a Custodian Warden’s castellan axe.”

Sounds like when model is killed, they can fight or attack again as long as they were within range of the wielder. That’s very similar to the Space Marine Ancient.

Eagle’s Eye

Hey, sometimes a straight +1 to your invulnerable save is all you need!

Auric Aquilas


We think the Jetbikes are pretty rad and we think that a Shield-Captain on a Jetbike with a 3+ invulnerable save AND a re-roll for failed charges is even BETTER.

These relics can be given to any Characters, remember. And the Vexilus Praetors fit that category. There are some rare Vexilla (aka Banners) that just might make you consider them:

“It’s not just Shield-Captains who can benefit from Relics – your Vexilus Praetors can also arm themselves with rare Vexilla that provide bonuses to ALL Imperium forces nearby.”

Warlord Traits

Now let’s dive into the Warlord Traits of the Custodes! If you want to make a custom character then these traits are a great place to start.

Champion of the Imperium

If this is good enough for Captain-General Trajann Valoris (and it is) then it’s good enough for your custom character, too! Plus, it’s actually kind of mean…if you opponent charges a unit, you basically get the option to pile-in and have your OTHER units fight too.

Impregnable Mind

Who needs Psykers when your Mind is Locktite! Okay…you’ll probably still need a friendly Librarian or something, but this helps.


Superior Creation

Anyone wish they just had a 5+ “Feel No Pain” because you have that option now.


The Adeptus Custodes Codex is heading to shelves next weekend and Pre-Orders go live today. Are you ready to enlist the aid of the Emperor’s Bodyguards?

Author: Adam Harrison
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