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NOW STREAMING – “What It Takes to Run a Tabletop Convention”

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Jan 31 2018

Pull up a seat for this round table with organizers from WarGames Con & Chupacabracon, and learn what it takes to run a large tabletop game event!

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BellOfLostSouls – Twitch

BellOfLostSouls – Twitch

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About Our Guests

TOs Chris & Joe – Wargames Con

Wargames Con has been an Austin tradition since 2008, and has become central Texas’ premier wargaming event. The team of tournament organizers run a team tourney and GT for 40k, as well as events for Warmachine, X-Wing, and Age of Sigmar. The con also includes a giant narrative track. They’ll be talking about some the extra challenges TOs have like: where does all the terrain go 362 days of the year and when/how do you create rule limitations?

Organizers Jeff & Sheena – Chupacabracon

Chupacabracon grew organically out of a gaming group in Round Rock, TX and is now in its 5th year – it’s run by a nonprofit foundation,¬†Austin Creative Pathways,¬†that benefits Extra Life. The con brings in the luminaries of the genre – game developers, artists, and writers – and fans together for a weekend of adventuring in every plane imaginable. They’ll be talking about what’s involved in booking guests, and how to juggle spaces for pencil paper games, larping, and panels.



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Author: Mars Garrett
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