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Order’s Champion For Malign Portents Unveiled

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Jan 1 2018

The Age of Hope is Dead…but Order’s not out of the game yet. Check out their new Champion heading your way!

Malign Portents is shaping up to be a very curious shift in the Age of Sigmar Mythos – from the new, dark and grim logo:

…to the creepy video teasers that GW has been producing.

We’re all still piecing together what the signs mean. One thing that has been a confirmed reveal is that each faction will get a new champion to fight for their cause. Today, GW revealed the Champion of Order:

via Warhammer Community



Lord-Ordinators have a particularly sacred duty – where the other Stormcast Eternals clear the way for Sigmar’s kingdoms, it’s these warrior-engineers that oversee the construction of new cities, walls and Stormkeeps, working in tandem with Dispossessed work gangs to create wonders unseen since the Age of Myth. These warriors also observe the movements of the stars in the heavens above the Mortal Realms, using combinations of mathematics, science and seer-craft to determine the future. With a great evil rising, the Lord-Ordinators have been dispersed among the armies of Order so that they can help prepare them for what is to come…

On top of the miniatures reveal, we’re also getting a better idea of what the heck is going on from a new video from GW as well:

“The Builder”

We are also introduced new a new character named “Scryer Elias” who’s monk-like appearance and “I have no stake in their endless war” attitude are quite …refreshing. He appears to be some type of watcher who can travel the realms and be a witness to events as they unfold. Could Elias be a hint at a new “neutral” faction or some type of new observer of the lore. Time will tell!



What’s you’re take on Order’s new champion? Are we finally going to see the return of the “Engineer-types” for Order?

Author: Adam Harrison
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