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SW: Destiny Gets A Format Update

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Jan 20 2018

The Holocron Update for Star Wars: Destiny is here. It’s time for formalized constructed play!

A few months back FFG announced they were changing up the organized play format for the smash-hit Star Wars: Destiny. We got a preview of what that would entail. Well now FFG has formalized those and put out some hand reference sheets for players:

via Fantasy Flight Games:

Holocrons: What Do They Do?

“Each Holocron defines and governs a single format for Star Wars: Destiny.”

  • It provides a list of all sets of cards currently eligible for play within the format, and it displays the identifying symbol for each of these sets.
  • It lists the card errata from the Rules Reference (pdf, 10.0 MB) for all eligible cards.
  • It presents format-specific changes to cards or rules as they become necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced play environment.

Standard Format

Trilogy Holocron

Holocrons: The Formats

  • The Standard format is the primary environment for competitive play. It consists of all products from the latest two cycles, as well as all products associated with an unreleased cycle.
  • The Trilogy format is fluid and accessible to newer players. It consists of only the latest cycle and all products associated with an unreleased cycle.
  • The Infinite format will cater to master deck builders and experienced veterans. It will consist of all Destiny products that have been released.

Notice there is no “Infinite” Holocron – that’s because you can use all the cards…so why would they make a pdf that says you can – players can just DO that.


Holocrons: Future Updates?

“Like the game’s Rules Reference, the Star Wars: Destiny Holocrons are living documents and will be updated as necessary.”

You can always check the Star Wars: Destiny Product Page for rules updates. Just scroll down to the “Support” section and click the relevant resource you’re looking for:

Visit the Product Page, scroll down, and click away!


For competative players and the health of the CCG scene, these three formats will help keep things balanced and playable at all levels. M:TG has had quite a successful run thanks to their official formats but overtime players have invented their own and those have taken off too. It’s still really early in the comparitive life-cycle of SW:D, but who know – one day a player constructed format might become an official format.


Hmm…I could see an “Emperor” Format for SW:Destiny one day…


Author: Adam Harrison
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