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Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: January 16th

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Jan 16 2018

Immortal warriors and cute critters. Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!


Highlander: The Board Game by River Horse

The classic movie franchise of dueling immortals is coming soon to a tabletop near you courtesy of an all-star cast of industry veterans, including Graham McNeill, Alessio Cavatore, and Jack Caesar. Up to six players choose an immortal from the series (with a few new characters thrown in as stretch goals) and travel through the ages, improving their stats with training, acquiring legendary weapons, and recruiting a band of allies in anticipation of The Gathering. In this second half of the game, players will duel to the death with a mixture of dice-based attacks and card-driven abilities as they attempt to decapitate their rivals. You can buy the complete game with all stretch goals for £29/$40.     


Heroes by Wolfthorn Miniatures

A new startup company called Wolfthorn Miniatures is trying to fund their first batch of 32mm resin fantasy miniatures. The campaign launched with three miniatures: A mage summoning a pack of spectral wolves, an elven huntress, and an armored warlord riding a bear. Stretch goals include a spear-wielding fighter, a female paladin, and a cutthroat dwarven pirate. You can buy the miniatures individually for $15 each, or get all three of the original sculpts for $40.


Western Legends by Kolossal Games


Western Legends is a sandbox adventure game set in the Wild West that supports six players. Choose from 12 historical figures and compete to become the most renowned legend in the Old West. Travel around the game board and participate in activities like gambling, prospecting, bounty hunting, cattle driving, and robbery. While you can choose to be a sheriff or outlaw like in most Western games, becoming a career gambler or wealthy gold baron are equally viable paths to victory. The game’s 52 action cards also double as a standard poker deck that you can use outside of the game. Pledges start at $60.


TinkerTurf by TinkerHouse Games

Warmahordes players probably know TinkerHouse Games as the developers of the official War Room app, but they do plenty of other stuff as well. TinkerTurf is their latest project, and will be a full line of modular cardboard terrain designed for 28-32mm games. The Sector Meritas starter set is their first batch, and includes a variety of vaguely sci-fi industrial terrain, such as catwalks, barricades, shipping containers, and piles of construction materials. The designs are generic enough that they wouldn’t look out of place in everything from Infinity to 40k. A box will set you back $79 and contains enough terrain for a moderately populated 3’x3′. A two-pack bundle for $139 also exists.    


Everdell by Game Salute

Finally we come to Everdell, a worker placement and tableau building board game set in an enchanted forest populated by anthropomorphic animals. Send your workers around the game board gathering resources like berries, twigs, resin, and pebbles so that you can construct buildings and expand your woodland village. Seasons dictate the number of workers you have at your disposal, and events can alter your building and resource priorities. The centerpiece of the game board is a cardboard tree that holds the deck of Critter and Construction cards, and it’s big enough to hold sleeved cards. The game comes in two versions: A standard edition for $49, and a collector’s version for $65 that has upgraded components.



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