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Warhammer Cafe – Coming Soon to North America

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Jan 31 2018
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Food or Warhammer — the age old question might have a new solution in North America.

If you’re anything like me, then you are a human (and definitely not a swarm of spiders in a trench coat) who, on occasion, has to eat food. But you also want to play Warhammer. But the Olive Garden banned you because you tried to set up a quick 2000 point game and refused to leave when they told you a birthday party needed the space. And they were not bringing you those breadsticks you asked for.


Contrariwise, you were asked to leave your FLGS because, despite your insistence to the contrary, it was not, in fact, bring your own all-you-can-eat fajitas night. Now they might be shortsighted fools who cannot see the glory that might be theirs if only they’d reach for it. Or perhaps they’re hide-bound academics who are throwing away the greatest discovery of a generation for spite.

Well. Weep no more. Because GW is bringing the world’s first Warhammer Cafe to North America sometime real soon.

via Warhammer Community

Much more than just a store, the Warhammer Cafe will have a larger footprint, allowing for more gaming tables and enough space to run special events and activities. What’s more, you’ll be able to hang out and fuel your gaming and painting sessions with some tasty snacks and top-notch beverages.


The Warhammer Cafe will also act as a hub for the Warhammer hobby in North America, hosting guests from the Design Studio and a series of unique displays of Citadel miniatures. We (the Warhammer TV and Community teams) are super excited to check out the cafe, and you can bet we’ll be swinging by to help support the venue and report on the quality of the coffee.

You guys and gals in North America are some of our most passionate hobbyists, and over the next year, the Games Workshop staffers on your side of the pond will be doing everything they can to give you an ever better Warhammer experience. The Warhammer Cafe is really just the first of a host of cool new projects coming your way.

Whether or not they’ll serve all-you-can-eat fajitas remains to be seen. But if they construct this, then soon…SOON those fools at the university will rue the day they laughed at you! LAUGHED! AT YOU!

Why does everyone keep saying I’m mad?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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