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40K: FW Imperial Armour Preview – Custodes Vehicles

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Feb 13 2018
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Where do the Adeptus Custodes get those wonderful toys? Check out what the future holds from Forge World.

Pretty exciting stuff today gang. GW has released a preview of some upcoming new rules they’re working on. Right now you can check out the beta rules for an upcoming Imperial Armour book, featuring the best toys of the Golden Boys.


Seriously though, this is a pretty cool development. It gives the sense that the game is more active, that the rules are alive and in progress. Getting to see what’s being worked on and having a very public playtest of this feels like something the community can really get behind. I hope to see more of these–and more than just Codexes from GW. Seeing development in action is real neat. So let’s dive on in.

There are four units up for preview right now. First up, two Contemptor Dreadnought variants, because everything the Custodes get their golden hands on has to be harder/better/faster/stronger.

There’s the Contemptor-Achilles, which is an incredibly powerful melee combatant. Wielding a dreadnought-scaled version of the Guardian Spear, the Achilles lives up to its namesake. While it might not rage against the death of Patroclus, this unyielding Dreadnought hits harder than most things. With a guaranteed 3-6 damage per hit, and causing a mortal wound on any 6s to hit, whatever the Achilles can get the drop on won’t last long at all.


Then there’s the Contemptor-Exemplar, which is there to show off the cool tech of the Custodes. At the moment it doesn’t have too many potions, but plenty are in development. For now, the Plasma Ejectors and Twin Las-Pulsar are experimental weapons enough. A strength 7, AP -3 flamer is plenty tough. Add to that the 2d3 shot mini las-cannon and you’ll put the hurt on infantry and armor alike.

Then there’s the Caladius Grav-Tank, which is a surprisingly swift heavy weapons platform. With 16″ of movement that drops to 12, then 8, this thing has the speed–and the range–to get it where it needs to be. To top it off, it’s fairly tough, ¬†especially with a 6+ invulnerable and 6+ FNP. And its strength 8 gun will mow down whatever it shoots at–8 shots is plenty enough to ruin anyone’s day.

Finally there’s the Coronus Grav-Carrier, which I can only assume is the most luxurious combat vehicle manufactured by the Imperium. Just in case you didn’t have enough ways of getting your Custodes in there–now here’s a transport. And one that has a fairly mean main gun. It’s great for supporting a squad of Custodes Guard as they contend with heavier armor.

And that’s all there is for now. These are beta rules, and you’ll want to click the link below so you can grab the pdf and see howb you can give GW feedback about the rules. I’m excited to take these to the tabletop, so get out there and get playtesting.


Download the FW Custodes Preview

Of course, power windows and heated seats come standard on every Custodes vehicle.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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