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40K: March of the T’au – Release Date Confirmed

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Feb 26 2018

The T’au are coming and the March White Dwarf has all the details!

The March White Dwarf is already getting into the hands of fans around the globe and images are starting to make their way online. First up, we had a couple of tidbits from the rumor mill that have been confirmed by the White Dwarf regarding releases and pricing. Here’s a look at their product line…so far:

via Spikey Bits Hobby


Unfortunately, we’re not seeing a ton of new stuff in this picture. Other than the Codex and Data Cards, you can find pretty much all this stuff on their website already. However, we have some good news on the release of that codex:

That’s right folks – Pre-orders for T’au go live March 10 and will hit stores March 17! Mark your calendars because it’s Tau Day!

The Case of the Mystery Suit

Now we have a curious bit of art from White Dwarf:


via @sablednah (twitter)

That’s an interesting battlesuit…It’s got missile pods on the shoulder, and it’s packing two guns. Maybe it’s just an artists rendition of a T’au Commander with those options.

The Commanders are known to have a very WIDE array of options after-all. Heck, it could be a Crisis suit, too:

We could chalk this one up to a lot of things honestly. Maybe the artist just had their scale off. Maybe it’s just a “background” image and nothing more. Then again, what if it’s not…

The Lexicanum has quite the list of Battlesuit possibilities. And again, it’s an artist’s rendition so that can leave lots of things up to interpretation. Plus, let’s not rule out Forge World options either. Who knows! I guess we’ll have to wait until March 17th when the book hits the stores to find out!



Well T’au Commanders – are you ready to get your hands on your Codex?

Author: Adam Harrison
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