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40K: Unboxing the Adeptus Custodes Waves 1 & 2

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Feb 6 2018

The Adeptus Custodes are released, and today we take a look at the models in their faction.

That’s right friends. Those good golden boys are out in full force now, meaning you can make an entirely custodes army if you wanted. Whether it’s the Custodian Guard, the Allarus Terminators, the Vertus Praetors, or just the lowly custody contempt or dreadnought, these forces finally have everything in them to fill put a force or chart. Take a look!


First up we have the Vertus Praetors and Captain-General-Leftenant-Major Trajann Valoris, both of whom we’ve had a chance to take a brief look at before. Valoris, in particular, is a great buffing unit for a Custodes force. With his ability to let nearby Custodes reroll hit and wounds of 1’s, he’ll ensure that your hits are really following through where it counts.

This really comes in handy against high toughness/high wound models, because Custodes can, on occasion, have trouble dealing enough wounds to matter. But then there’s wave 2, which finishes out the model line so you can field whatever Custodes you need to.

Again, this army is going to be a low model count army. When we played with the Custodes on our stream, that army lived and died by how effectively they could leverage their Custodes Guard. That unit was capable of soaking up a ton of firepower, and felt incredibly elite.


And those were just the baseline troops. Nevermind the increased stopping power of axe-wielding allarus or what have you. That’s one thing this army really nails–they feel elite. It takes a lot of effort to deal with these guys, and even as you chip away at them, it takes a lot for them to feel it. Especially with efficiency boosters like the Vexilla models there to grant extra attacks, in addition to their other benefits.

They are, after all, an imperial army, and love their buffing characters as much as the next list. Still, we really enjoyed playing with these models. They’re gorgeous and hit like a ton of bricks. ¬†Even if there’s only 22 of them on the table.

Thank you for being a gua-ard…

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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