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AoS: Dread Solstice – Week 1 Winds Down

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Feb 20 2018

Week One of the Dread Solstice winds to a close–what fate do the malign portents hold for the mortal realms? Find out within…

That’s right folks! The first week of the Dread Solstice Global Campaign is winding down to a close. With a little more than a day left to get your results registered on the website, the race is really heating up. As of this week, it seems like Eye and Skull are in a very close race to the finish–but let’s take a look at what’s going on.

via Games Workshop (Dread Solstice Site)


Dread Solstice Week 1 – 1 day to go

Skull made a pretty big comeback from where it started at the beginning of the week…

Dread Solstice Campaign, Day 1 a few hours after launch


And Skull is still holding on to the lead. But Eye is looking like it might give it a run for it’s money…

What does all of this mean? Why do I care about a Drake an Eye or a Skull? These are excellent questions, hypothetical rhetorical reader, let me segue into telling you all how the Dread Solstice Campaign works. There’s an infographic below, but if you’d rather feel like you had to do work to get some comprehension, here’s what that infographic will tell you in unadulterated text:

The gist of it is, each week of the campaign, players play games and register their results as votes for a given story option. In this case, Skull, Eye, and Drake. I don’t know if they’ll always be on this particular brand–but this week the skull is all about crushing opposition, the eye is about finding out what is going on, and the drake is about bold action.

At the start of each chapter there is a Dilemma which players can vote on – to vote you have to play games, register and record them at your local participating store. The option that gets the most votes impacts the second part of the chapter and will add some new twists and turns. Here is the narrative part of week 1:


And here are the options:

Now I just want to take a moment to really appreciate the narrative here. The players are taking on the role of a king or queen or some other powerful figure in a minor power within the mortal realms. It feels like something’s about to happen–and given the options they’ve laid out, it seems like you can get a pretty clear idea of where things are going. What’s interesting to me is that the Drake seems to be all about harnessing the powers of the Harbingers of the Portents (pictured below), while the Skull seems to be ignoring the threat that’s going on… and well, we’ve seen how well that works out…

There is still a ton of time left to participate in the campaign, but week 1 is closing in a little more than a day and a half. So get your games in now folks!

Clearly Skull option best option, but which Option will you choose? What faction are you playing in this campaign?

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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