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AoS: Morathi, Shadow Queen Preview

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Feb 20 2018
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A schemer, a betrayer, and perhaps most importantly a survivor. Join us as we get a closer look at Morathi, the Shadow Queen!

Games Workshop has some more info on one of the most infamous characters of the Old World – a survivor of the End Times and matron of the Dark Elves, Morathi has been through quite a bit and has been transformed. As the High Oracle of Khaine, she is usurping his power and is back to scheming and plotting. What will become of her plans? Time will tell. But for now, we’re getting a look at her abilities on the table top.

via Warhammer Community

Rather than choosing which form of Morathi you use, you’ll start every game with her in her High Oracle of Khaine form. In this shape, she makes for an invaluable commander and spellcaster, gaining bonuses to cast and unbind. While she’s a little fragile, with a mere 6 wounds, her Enchanting Beauty and Iron Heart of Khaine abilities make her impossible to kill in a single turn and difficult to pick off with ranged attacks:

The Iron Heart of Khaine is a pretty amazing ability. She cannot suffer more than 3 wounds in any one turn. That means she’s going to last until turn 2, minimum! That should give you time to use her to pull off some type of plot! Oh and just for added measure, Enchanting Beauty also makes it harder for her enemies to focus on hitting her.


Worship Through Bloodshed is another powerful ability that Morathi has in her first form. As her command ability she can use this on your turn to grant some bonus shooting or melee attacks to 2 different units. If you can get your units into position, you can get to double up the damage they generate which is always nice!

Now, it’s slightly tricky to keep Morathi in her “Oracle” form. Every time she takes damage there is a good chance she can Hulk-out into Snake-lady form. And that can be a bad thing…for your opponent.

In her winged serpent form, she become a much tougher opponent. I mean, check out her stat-line:


12 Wounds and a boat-load of attacks – she’s a force unto herself. And while Gaze of Morathi might only be 1 attack it can be pretty brutal, too:

If you’re a minor hero, you’re going to want to avoid looking at her directly in the eyes is all I’m going to say. Oh, and just in case you were wondering – she still has The Iron Heart of Khaine ability in Snake form. Let’s see…12 wounds, max 3 wounds a turn loss…yep! It takes a MINIMUM of 4 turns to kill her, without some other dusty handed shenanigans.


Are you ready to meet the Shadow Queen?


Author: Adam Harrison
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