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AoS: Something Fishy This Way Comes

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Feb 16 2018

Games Workshop is back with a mysterious new video and it’s certainly fishy.

When it comes to the video production side of things, the folks at GW are certainly having a good time and this latest video is as intriguing as it goofy:

The video is titled “From out of the blackness they come….” It opens with the bell you see above and then cuts to what appears to be a boat wreck:

Then we get a cut to the Figurehead from the boat. It certainly looks like an image of Sigmar with his twin-tailed comet engraved on his bracer and warhammer in hand. But I must say, those water effects look REALLY good…

Another cut to more of the boat wreckage. This looks like a pretty cool kit none-the-less! Are we going to get some type of naval themed release from GW?


Now, if you haven’t watched the video, you should stop reading now and check it out. I don’t want to spoil the ending but let’s just say it leaves me with more questions than answers.

Anyhow, let’s focus on the clues and hints in the video. Everyone got their tinfoil hat out? Good! Let’s dive in. *Minor Spoilers for the video ahead*

So either we’re getting new aquarium supplies from Games Workshop or we’re getting some type of Nautical themed expansion for AoS. The title of the video, I think, is a big clue. Clearly this is a reference to the deep or the depths of the oceans. That’s backed-up by the fact that, well, we’ve got a boat wreck and a fish in the video. I mean, c’mon man it’s pretty clear.

Now, “Fishmen” have been a running gag for a few editions. Always mentioned in half-jokes and GW seems to have been in on the gag. However, Aquatic Races aren’t entirely unheard of in Warhammer Lore:

via Lexicanum


Chupayotl is an underwater city located in South-Eastern Lustria. Formerly a surface city inhabited by Lizardmen it was engulfed and submerged by the sea.

A major nexus of the geomantic web, Chupayotl was an important part of the Lizardmen empire. Through it the Slaan of Lustria were able communicate with their counterparts of Zlatlan and vice-versa.

The city started to sink slowly and the Slann were unsure if this development was according to the will of the Old Ones. As the situation worsened the Skinks decided that the population and artefacts were to be evacuated for their own safety.

The Saurus gathered their Slann masters and began to carry them away. However it was too late: a sudden earthquake led to a gigantic tsunami which engulfed the city.[1]

It was a terrible blow for the Lizardmen; the loss of Chupayotl effectively divided the Lizardmen empire into two lesser realms. Both follow the Great Plan to the best of their knowledge and ability but are unable to coordinate their efforts.

Chupayotl didn’t remain uninhabited for long; an unknown aquatic race seems to have colonized the city. (emphasis added)

It was recently sacked by a Dark Elf expedition led by Lokhir Fellheart.

So perhaps an aquatic race did survive the End Times. They could make a great addition to the game and maybe even bolster a certain faction that is light on allegiances but heavy on the “Force of Nature” idea.

Something Else Entirely?

Okay – that’s not a completely crazy idea – however, this isn’t even the first time we’ve seen GW dip their toe in these waters. Naval Games were a thing they have done before:


Man O’War is a game that was produced back in 1993, and it had a bit of a cult following.

Dreadfleet was another naval game. It was published in 2011 and was a new spin on the Man O’War concept. It came with a handful of boats and a really nice “sea map” to play on:

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the commercial success that fans would have liked and so it was silently “squatted.” But, as we’ve seen in recent weeks, things that were once squatted are coming back.

Also, anyone else notice the Empire ship on the cover?

That sure is an interesting Figurehead, isn’t it?


What do you think of this Nautical Adventure? New Fishmen on the rise or are we looking at something else altogether?!


Author: Adam Harrison
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