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GW: Breaking – Squats Are Back!

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Feb 1 2018
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Looks like GW hasn’t been skipping Leg Day, because Squats are back…in Necromunda.

That’s right folks, Squats are back. Well. Squat is back is probably more accurate. See for yourself.

It all starts with a resetting of the clocks.

Looks like we have a while to wait on that Plastic Thunderhawk. Nobody mention the other clock in this picture.

When it all goes terribly awry.


Which can only mean one thing. Squats got out. They escape the phantom nega-zone where they’ve been imprisoned, and now they’re back, bigger and badder than ever.

Just look at him in all his glory. This guy is radical.

And if they’re making an appearance in Necromunda than wild speculation without any basis on observable evidence, past history, or reality as we know it can only mean ONE THING:


SQUATS ARE BACK BAYBEE. We expect they’ll be getting a full codex and release of miniatures in September. No doubt this will be the turning point of the Dark Imperium storyline, when the squats surge out of the woodworks to expose Cawl and his traitorous plan to use the Primaris Marines to take over the Imperium. Thrills! Chills! And more action than you can shake a stick at (which is a lot of action) this year from GW.

That Bounty Hunter does look radical. I lvoe that they’re doing this with Necromunda–it’s a chance to see my favorite side of the 40K world, the part with all the weird aliens that don’t have their own army. The ones that are free to be radical, because they don’t have to worry about being bogged down by rules. I wanna see either a crazy Hrud Bounty Hunter or maybe a Jokaero.

In the meantime, enjoy the only Bounty Hunter who can get the job done…half off. No questions.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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