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Armoured Digital: Miniatures Game with the Soul of an RTS

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Feb 25 2018
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Command Drone tanks in battle, program their orders and build replacements in-game in Armoured Digital.

Human commanders and their drone squadrons battle each other for control of vital resources. Each commander must out-manoeuvre, out-shoot and out-think their opponent. Players use a range of tools from gauss cannons to jamming fields, from artillery to invasive reprogramming.

Armoured Digital exists in a high-tech post-apocalyptic future world. Humanity relied on AI labour, until a terrorist attack removed all safeguards from their programming. A long war between humanity and the AI ground down into a stalemate, both sides shattered. Our frontline soldiers in that war were the Digipaths, humans who can program computers at the speed of thought. Now no longer receiving orders, they’re giving them instead.

Fast, Intuitive Gameplay

In Armoured Digital, players select a series of orders programs (represented by cards) from their deck. Then they alternate activating a drone and issuing one of those orders to it. Orders range from basic moving and shooting, through advanced attacks like indirect fire, to crashing enemy drones’ CPUs or even reprogramming an enemy drone to make it yours!

Every unit in Armoured Digital has the same power level but has a different focus. The Rhino tank is a solid line vehicle, with a long range and strong armour, but if a Wolf tank gets close enough its plasma cannons can cut through its reactive armour. An Elephant artillery tank has a high rate of fire and is deadly against that Wolf’s reactive armour, but an enemy Rhino’s Gauss cannon will easily penetrate its hardened armour. This is not a game where spamming a single unit leads to victory.

If you find yourself without the right units to counter the enemy’s during the battle, your mobile factory can start building the right ones. Replenish your losses mid-battle by getting your transport to the automated mine in the centre of the table and using the resources to build more tanks.



Easy to Collect, Easy to Play

It’s easy to get started playing Armoured Digital with the two-player starter set. Each starter contains two basic forces, including a Centaur command vehicle, a Wombat mobile factory, a Squirrel transport vehicle and three combat tanks: a Rhino, a Wolf and an Elephant. Expand your force with individual vehicles by simply swapping them in or out of your starting force. There’s no fiddling around with point values.

Players can also build units during the game that they didn’t include in their starting force, so they can use all of their collection over the course of a battle if they wish! Each unit also comes with additional orders cards that players can use to expand their options when they build their deck.

Armoured Digital miniatures will be built in 1/100 (15mm) scale, highly detailed and cast in flexible resin. Word Forge Games has extensive experience producing high-quality miniatures, including the Devil’s Run and Goreball series.



Coming soon to Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Armoured Digital goes live on 27 March 2018. If you’re interested in following on with our progress, sign up for our mailing list here:


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Author: Chris Reynolds
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