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Daughters of Khaine: The Melusai Slither On

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Feb 21 2018
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Games Workshop is showing off the Melusai, the serpentine warriors of Khaine!

The Daughters of Khaine are led by Morathi who we got a really good look at yesterday. Today, Games Workshop is dropping some more info on a new pair of units based off the serpentine Melusai.

via Warhammer Community

“The Melusai are among the first such aelf-souls to be reborn – not quite reincarnations of those consumed by Slaanesh, but new beings imbued with centuries of hatred and an unquenchable lust for revenge against the servants of Slaanesh. Melusai are twisted in spirit and body, hence their strange mutations, but have powerful magical abilities, such as the Blood Sisters’ ability to transform their foes into statues of living crystal or the Blood Stalkers’ uncanny ability to strike the hearts of their foes with their arrows.”

The Melusai units come in two varieties, the Blood Sisters and the Blood Stalkers – both of which are as deadly as you would expect!

“Blood Sisters are an elite, fast-moving unit, possessing both a strong normal attack profile and the ability to dole out mortal wounds with ease. Each model in a unit of Blood Sisters can make a Crystal Touch attack as well as striking with its heartshard glaive – if the former hits, it’ll deal a mortal wound to the foe.”


On the other side, we have the Blood Stalkers who provide a ranged combat option. Equipped with deadly Heartseeker Bows they fire deadly accurate volleys into the hearts of the enemy, quite literally!

These two units are going to be a welcome edition to the model range and to the arsenal of the Daughters of Khaine. Especially if you “pick the right general” as you’ll be able to use the Blood Sisters as Battleline in your matched play games!

Beware the ones that slither…



Are you ready for the Melusai to arrive at your tabletop? Are you excited about the prospect of an army of Medusa!?

Author: Adam Harrison
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