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FW: Guild Previews For Necromunda

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Feb 19 2018

Necromunda has gone through economic expansion and the Guilds are coming – let’s take a look at the new players in town!

In the long history of the Underhive, Necromunda has traditionally had 6 houses that the gangs were formed from. Later expansions like Outlanders, more factions were introduced like the Spyrers, Redemptionists, Ratskins, Scavvies and the Enforcers. However, there has always been an undercurrent that there was more going on in the Hive than was ever described.

During the Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender, we got a glimpse of what is to come…

via Warhammer Community

One of the most exciting upcoming additions to Necromunda are the forces of the Guilds, the economic powerhouses that administrate the constant flow of vital supplies (and of course, credits) into the hives. While we can’t confirm just yet how these will fit into your games of Necromunda, we got a sneak peek at some of the concept art for the Corpse Guild, Promethium Guild and the Water Guild at the latest Horus Heresy and Necromunda Weekender:



Water, Power, and Corpses…The first two sound pretty straightforward, right? People need Water to survive and Power to run pretty much everything, but Corpses? Well, if you’re wondering why there is a Corpse guild it’s not because they bury their dead.

The Truth cannot be unseen…

Regardless, the concept art looks pretty cool for all three Guilds. I’m very curious to see how they interact with the gangs and game mechanics. You’ll probably get to recruit them into your game for a fee at the minimum. But that’s pretty obvious – I’m hoping we see more than just “Guild Mercs” and we get full factions that join the fray. Possibly some special scenarios to play with them as well.


Which Guild are you most excited for? Which concept art do you think looks the coolest?!


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