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GW BREAKING: New 40K & Blood Bowl Game Spotted

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Feb 18 2018

Two new games for both Warhammer 40k and Blood Bowl have been spotted at the New York Toy Fair! Get in here!

Here goes folks. GW has a booth at the New York Toy Fair and these two games have been snapped.  These look like introductory casual games to get people familiar with some GW universes.

Space Marine Adventures – Labyrinth of the Necrons

5 Marines are:

  • Imperial Fists
  • Blood Angels
  • Salamanders
  • Space Wolves
  • Ultramarines

…each with a different color coded mini. Play is said to be cooperative versus the Necron opponent.

Picture via Reddit



Blitz Bowl

via BGG (locustofdeath) who says:

“Blitz Bowl is an introductory version of Blood Bowl bearing a 40-minute playing time that’s coming from Games Workshop in 2018.”

Apparently this is an introductory game designed for coaches who don’t have time to play full-on BB, new coaches looking to get into the game, or younger folk who aren’t ready to learn the rules of the main game.

We’ve seen GW roll out these games meant for the more casual end of the market before with things like Lost Patrol.  Anything that gets more people into the hobby is good.

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Author: Larry Vela
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