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GW: Snaking Through the Ruins of AoS

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Feb 25 2018
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Next week from GW: Snakes, ruins, ruined snakes, and snaking ruins.

That’s right folks, whether you’re a fan of snakes, ruins, or perhaps some combination of the two, next week’s releases from GW should have you covered.

via Games Workshop


First up, there are two different kinds of snakes. Well, they’re more like nagas, really. But these serpentine sisters have been transformed by Morathi’s shadowy essence into the deadly Daughters of Khaine you see below:

Blood Sisters and Blood Stalkers are the elite of the Khainite cults, crafted from the souls of the aelves devoured by Slaanesh using blood-rites and shadowy magic. Bearing strange mutations, these creatures use their magical powers to great effect on the battlefield, turning their foes into solid crystal or striking their hearts with unerring accuracy.

Whether armed with bows or glaives, masked or unmasked, these sinewy, serpentine sisters are capable of putting out some significant damage. With their abilities to cause mortal wounds, they can chew through enemies with surprising speed. And with the addition of a strong ranged unit, the Daughters of Khaine gain some flexibility that’s been missing from the more traditional dark elf lineup.


Then of course, there’s the other big release this next week. The Blasted Hallowheart is a boxed set featuring terrain and accompanying ornaments to get your battles situated squarely in the mortal realms.

Inside the set, you’ll find a set of double-sided card tiles, letting you choose between the overgrown ruins on the outskirts of Hallowheart or a volcanic landscape from the Realm for Fire, as well as 9 push fit ruins that allow you to create cover and line of sight blockers with ease. There’s even a set of treasure chests that make for ideal objective markers, and everything inside is cast in coloured plastic, so even if you don’t get round to painting it straight away, it’ll look great right out of the box.

Or if you like, you can just pick up more ruins separately, and start living your dream of putting together the desolate ruins to recreate the coliseum in the Age of Sigma for your own gladiatorial games…

Everyone has that dream, right?

At any rate, the Daughters of Khaine continue to roll out. I imagine not long after we’ll see the Khinerai, so keep an eye out for more murderous mavens.


Snakes…why did it have to be snakes.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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