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GW Weekender: The Siege of Terra

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Feb 4 2018

Come and see what lies in store for the climax of the Horus Heresy as the Siege of Terra dawns.

The Hours Heresy is perhaps the single most important event in 40K Lore. The fallout from that great upheaval is still being dealt with 10k+ years later. It reshaped the state of the galaxy. No wonder then it’s the subject of so much lore, or thar the stories of the events have spanned many years. Now it’s coming to an end, but even so, things are ramping up.  Come take a look at what’s in store for the Siege of Terra, thanks to the folks over at Battle Bunnies.

via Battle Bunnies

So, first up, it looks like it’s all sorted out now. They’ve figured out who’s going to be writing what stretch of the final story–and more importantly, they’ve got their sense of scope locked in. They want to cover more than just the Siege on the Wall. They want to show the full breadth of this siege, covering everything from the perspective of the Imperial Army, to forces battling it out elsewhere. Here’s a list of what we can expect to see:

Angron offering terms to the Emperor from the base of the walls. Angron will approach the wall and issue terms to Sanguinius.

Khan will fight Fulgrim.


Keeler will have a role.

The Death Guard’s fall to Nurgle will be before the Siege of Terra mini series.

The Horus Heresy will end with the Emperor on the Golden Throne. Afterwards The Scouring will begin.

At the Siege of Terra seminar, they really wanted to emphasize how punchy the release schedule is going to feel towards the end. It’s the end of an Era, after all, and they’re determined to go out with a bang. Still no definite word as to who will end it all, but, it’s all coming to an end. And it sounds radical.

Meanwhile, the Emperor and Horus race towards destiny, and the Xenos of the galaxy sit back, pretty glad not to be in the middle of the conflict, for once.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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