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Outside the Box – February 16th

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Feb 16 2018

Here we go again, with fresh news from Knight Models, Mantic Games, Wild West Exodus, Fantasy Flight Games, Wargame Exclusive and many more – Enjoy!
I guess by now you have heard that there is a Harry Potter miniature board game coming from Knight Models:
–> More Knight Models News

Modiphius Entertainment presents new miniatures for Star Trek Adventures:
–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

New miniatures are available from Raging Heroes:
–> More Raging Heroes News

Fantasy Flight Games announced a new wave X-Wing releases:
–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

The new Vanguard giant from Mantic Games is ready for production:
–> More Mantic Games News

Warcradle Studios presents new previews for Wild West Exodus:
-> More Warcradle Studios News

The lizardmen are the next plastic set for Ghost Archipelago coming from North Star Military Figures:
–> More North Star Military Figures News

Wargame Exclusive released the Imperial Dead Dogs:–> More Wargame Exclusive News

The Dvergr Commando Mortar Team is now available from Kromlech:
–> More Kromlech News

Mad Robot Miniatures published a new preview:
–> More Mad Robot Miniatures News


New Napoleonic French Marines and Age of Arthur sets are available from Warlord Games:
And coming soon, new plastic farmyard animals:
–> More Warlord Games News

Onslaught Miniatures presents their 6mm Grudd Landtrain:
–> More Onslaught Miniatures News

Dimmuborg is coming from HiTech Miniatures:

–> More HiTech Miniatures News

Battlefront Miniatures announced the return of ‘NAM:

–> More Battlefront Miniatures News

New miniatures for the Napoleonic Wars and the War of the Roses are available from Perry Miniatures:
–> More Perry Miniatures News

Puppetswar released new Arctic troopers:
–> More Puppetswar News

And Rubicon Models published new previews of their Wirbelwind:
–> More Rubicon Models News


And of course new Kickstarter campaigns:

Antencitis Workshop – Efreet Dropship
Gangfight Game Studio – Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters
Dark Tower Studios – Goal Markers and Scatter Terrain
Adam Devitt – Testudine Time Travelers
4C Fingerboards – Space Gaming Mat
Fite Games – Fate of the Eidolon
Kid Loves Tiger Games – Alphas: A Superhero Miniatures Game
Twin Raven Games – Ice Caverns Round 2
Dragon Workshop – ShipWorks: 3d Printable Ship Terrain
AW Miniatures – Release the Monks
3D-Print Terrain – Printable Tabletop Napoleonic Soldier Units + Terrain
Scale 75 – Heroes of Fallen Frontiers

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~ So much good stuff this week!

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