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Pimpcron: Don’t Be Yourself in 40k

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Feb 16 2018

Pimpcron had a revelation about having better games of 40K. Let’s see if it makes any sense or not.

Booga booga booga! [waves arms in the air menacingly]. For those of you who are confused, I always say “hi”, or “hello”, or some other greeting. I decided to switch it up. You’re welcome.

Here’s How I Am

The way I always play is, throw a list together last minute with literally no thought put into it as far as synergy, or battlefield effectiveness, and then try to win with said list. The most common reasons why I choose a unit to put in my list are:

“Oh, I haven’t played this one in a while.”

“I love this unit, let’s put it in.”

“These guys look awesome, I’ll find a way to make them work.”

A 13-month-old chimp named Fumo leaps onto a “Christmas present” box, which contained food treats, during a Christmas-themed feeding session at Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo, December 9, 2014. (Photo by Jason Reed/Reuters)

Me making a list, but more nudity when I do it. I REFUSE to buy a larger size of gym shorts.

This may explain my 100 Genestealers I owned during 6th and 7th edition when Genestealers were the laughing stock of the already-crappy Nid codex. It also explains my 40 metal Flayed Ones that I’ve had since 5th edition where they were so bad, nobody ever, ever took them. Possessed? I love Possessed! Too bad they’ve been terrible for a long time, but that didn’t stop me from bringing them.


So you see, my list building is not about the new hotness, or what is most points efficient, but more of a mix between inner child thinking something looks cool, and a penchant for pain. I always pride myself in not taking cheese, and just trying to rely on strategy to win a game. I have always felt like trying to make the most optimum list is taking the game way seriously. But I understand many people play that way. To each, their own.

Something Happened Recently

I grew my first big boy hair this morning. I don’t mean to brag, but I have to admit I’m pretty excited about it. But something, maybe more relevant to this article happened recently too.

Image result for man one hair

So I was playing with one of the best players in our gaming group (Andrew) the other day, and he brought Nids. I was playing Orks, and in my usual fashion said a variety of those phrases listed above while making a list. And for ease of use, I said that we should play Power Level. Then I picked a mission that wasn’t in my favor. Then the models I chose (such as Nobs) were not modeled with all Power Klaws like I’m sure they expect you to take for Power Level. So I said they had what they had on the model because proxying for Power Level is a no-no in my book.

And being that I rely on my tactics and strategy instead of anything outside of the game to win me battles, I didn’t for a second think that I was stacking all of the cards against me. And by the time I was wiped out on turn two, he said, “Were you trying to lose?”

Then I felt bad, because I too realized that I nearly did everything in my power to screw myself in this game, and by association, screw up his game too.  It was clear that I accidentally just made this game a waste of time and sapped the fun out of the game for him and me.

Image result for upset couple


This was me and him the rest of the night. I was wearing my nicest red shirt too.

Here’s What I Discovered

I always try to make sure my opponents have a fun game, and usually that means go easy and just have fun. But when you know you’re playing a game versus a player who likes a challenge, then you have to change your tactics if you’re able. Of course we are all on different skill levels, strategy-wise so not everybody can crank it up a notch (or down a notch). But we really should care about the kind of game our opponent is having, because this is a friendly and social game. If you want to be selfish or apathetic to the game experience you are having with your opponent, then go do something else.

So after so much hullabaloo over WAAC versus Fluff, I tend to feel like Fluffs are the “nice” way to play. But it really depends on your opponent. That is why this is so important to talk over the game with your opponent before the game to find out what kind of game you both are looking for.

Hopefully both of you grown-ass adults can come to terms about what kind of level of play you will use against each other, and big enough to change at least a little for each other. It’s really no different than any other relationship, no matter how fleeting. It takes compromise.

Is it your responsibility to give your opponent a good game?

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