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SHOWCASE: Painting Age of Sigmar’s Stinkmullet – Part 1

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Feb 27 2018
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Follow along as I paint my first Age of Sigmar model: Stinkmullet!

Stinkmullet was a blast to paint. I spent about 12 hours on him over the course of a weekend recently. He’s absolutely covered in cool details and each one was an opportunity to try some new color combination. That means there are tons of pictures to look at as I tried to snap a few WiPs of every little piece.

I only partially assembled Stinkmullet before priming him. Any pieces that would make it too difficult for my paintbrush to reach beneath them were left off. A lot of bits were left attached to their original sprues so I could have a way to hold onto them.

I decided to start with the cloak. Here is one of the very first steps as I tried to work out where the highlights would go.

Here are the colors used on the cloak. The purple and red ink are mixed with the black to give it a warm purplish tone. This will create a nice color combination with the yellow in the Screaming Skull when they’re blended next to each other.


I continue to smooth out the highlights. Pure Screaming Skull is never used – it’s always blended a little into the purple-black. you don’t want it to get too light. It’s supposed to be black after all.

I also started blending some blue green into other areas of the cloak. It’s good to vary up the tone on large areas like this cloak to keep them interesting.

These two mixed together colors make a good blue-green. Caliban Green is actually more bluish than it seems fwiw.


Here’s a look at the front once the cloak was mostly finished. Screaming Skull was also used to highlight the blue-green areas you see near his feet. Unfortunately it’s all a bit dark since his mushroom cap casts such a big shadow.

I went with Orange for the shawl, rather than just doing it black like the rest of the model. I actually want to start an Ironjawz army at some point and I plan on giving them Orange armor. Since I would probably use this guy in that army I wanted his color to match.

Here are the shawl colors. The Orange base is shaded with the Dryad Bark and highlighted with Screaming Skull with some White Scar mixed sparingly into those highlights.



Here’s his back piece where you can see the orange a lot better than in the previous picture.

Once I had the orange cleaned to my satisfaction I started working on the fur on his back.

The Bark and Purple are mixed together to form the basecoat of the fur above. The individual clumps of fur will be highlighted with the Screaming Skull.


The highlighting begins on the fur.

I only use pure Screaming Skull on the strands of fur towards the middle to give the impression of a strong central highlight. Once I had the fur to my liking I began working on the strange puffballs growing there.

Here are the colors used for the puffballs. The base of Averland Sunset is shaded with a mix of Death World Forest and Kantor Blue.

Final highlights are added with Screaming Skull. I ended up with very little visible Averland Sunset on the finished puffballs. I thought keeping them more green would create increased contrast with the shawl.


Might as well move on to these blue mushrooms next.

The temple guard blue is blended in with the Kantor Blue while both colors are still wet.

I add highlights with more Temple Guard Blue, blending in increasing amounts of Screaming Skull and White Scar as I build it up. I used very thin layers allowing my brushstrokes to show to give them a nice mushroom-y texture.

A thin line of Xereus Purple mixed with Screaming Skull is applied along the edges of each mushroom to give them a really cool almost psychedelic appearance.

Next it’s on to the mushroom hat.

I start off with the Cadian Fleshtone, shading it with the purple.

Here it is blended together a little better.

Once I have it all about how I like it I add the little bit of Kantor Blue around the edges.

Then I do the white rim of the cap.

Screaming Skull is used as the base and shaded with a mix of the blue and bark.

Then I start on the smaller mushrooms.

Temple Guard is used as the base and shaded with a mix of the warpstone glow and blue.

As I blend the layers together more I begin to add some of the pure white scar to the the highlights.

I’m going to end it there. That’s almost 30 pics and we’re not even halfway through. If you enjoy articles like this, check out my blog toomini where I have loads of hobby content for all my favorite game systems.

Expect part 2 soon!

~What do you guys think of Stinkmullet?

Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams
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