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Slaanesh’s Fate, Daughters of Khaine, Privateer & GW’s Mer-Folk!

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Feb 26 2018
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It’s been a CRAZY weekend, with Daughters of Khaine reveling a LOT of secrets including GW’s newest fishy race!

AoS: What Happened to Slaanesh – Revealed

At long last – Battletome Daughters of Khaine – explains what happened to Slaanesh.

PP: Swamped with New Releases

The Blindwater Congregation swarms up out of the swamps, burbling with bone shrines, soulless husks, and bog trogs…


AoS: Daughters of Khaine Battletome Deep Dive

Come join the BoLS Crew and go through the new Daughters of Khaine Battletome and showcase the Army of Morathi.

Pathfinder: Delve Into Eldritch Lairs

Eldritch Lairs await brave adventurers in the latest supplement from Kobold Press.

AoS: Daughters of Khaine: 6 New Battalions Rules

The Daughters of Khaine are here with 6 new Battalions to drain the blood from your enemies. Take a look:

AoS: Daughters of Khaine – Army Special Abilities

Come take a look at what really makes Battletome Daughters of Khaine tick on the tabletop.

GW: Daughters of Khaine Releases “Pricing & Links”

The cruelest Age of Sigmar faction is here. Here’s what you can pick up from GW to bleed your opponent dry!


AoS: Unboxing Morathi, Queen of Shadows

Morathi, Shadow Queen, leads the Daughters of Khaine with an iron heart. Take a closer look!

AoS: Mer-People May Be Coming…

Hidden in the depths of the Daughters of Khaine is another piece of the menfish puzzle. Take a look…

~More on Deep-Kin soon!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Pathfinder: Delve Into Eldritch Lairs