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Star Wars: Legion – AT-RT “Rebel Walker” Rundown

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Feb 20 2018

The AT-RT is marching into our hearts as it heats things up on the tabletop – let’s take a closer look at this Rebel War Machine!

Fantasy Flight Games has a new preview of the Rebel AT-RT and it’s a pretty solid ride for your Troopers. It’s tough, mobile, and can make some mean BBQ…


The Basics

The AT-RT is as fast as the AT-ST at speed 2. On top of that, it’s smaller stature allows it to bypass obstacles (to a point) as it can climb over walls just like a trooper. On top of that, it doesn’t take damage while doing so – this can lead to Rebels being able to bring some extra firepower and armor to a spot that the opponent might not expect.

It’s also got the Armor keyword which means that only crits will damage this vehicle and with a white defense die, that’s not a terrible defensive option. Along with it’s 6 health, small arms fire is going to have some trouble taking this thing down.

Damage wise, the basic AT-RT has a deadly melee attack with it’s Grappling Claws. The A-300 Blaster Rifle is actually the firearm of the pilot and it can be used to shoot at targets in any arc. However, it’s the upgrades that really make this thing kick!

The Upgrades


The Rotary Blaster brings the long range pain with a 5 black die attack at ranges 1-3. The downside is that it can only be used in the front arc – but that’s a trade-off I’d be willing to make.

Another, heavier option is the AT-RT Laser Cannon. “But it’s only 3 dice on the attack!” Yes, but with Impact 3 your odds are much better at penetrating heavier armor. This is the anti-vehicle option and it’s better at sitting back and firing with it’s attacks. Again, it’s fixed to the front, but that’s expected…

Last, but certainly my favorite option, is the AT-RT Flamethrower (the kids love this one). This weapon makes for some fantastic BBQ! It’s only range 1, but holy moly will it destroy a unit of troopers. It’s fixed (shocker) front arc, but the attack adds it’s dice to the attack for each mini in the defending unit which is in LoS and not blocked. What that means is that if you catch a unit of Stormtroopers in the open, well, it’s going to hurt.

“Toasty!” via Fantasy Flight Games



Now, the AT-RT isn’t just about offense, it’s got some other fun upgrades thanks to it’s Comms option:

The Long-Range Comlink is perfect for AT-RTs in a ‘scout’ role where they are going to be further away from your commander’s range. This can be very useful when paired with the flamethrower to get into range to actually use it!

The Comms Jammer on the other hand can be used to disrupt your opponent’s plans to devastating effect. If you manage to get an AT-RT in jamming range of a unit, it’s going to mess-up the activation order royally! In a game like Legion, that’s going to be a headache for players to deal with!

If you’re curious about the AT-RT you can read the full rundown from FFG HERE. It’s marching into stores on the same release day as the core set, March 22nd and Pre-orders are up now!

AT-RT Unit Expansion $24.95

The Rebel Alliance is constantly outgunned in their war against the Empire. Since they cannot hope to match the awe-inspiring military production of a galaxy-spanning Empire, the Rebellion has turned to salvage in order to supplement their forces—such as with the AT-RTs. First introduced by the Republic during the Clone War, the All Terrain Recon Transport, or AT-RT, has since been co-opted by the Rebel Alliance to aid their war against the Empire.

The AT-RT Unit Expansion includes a single new AT-RT miniature for you to add to your Rebel army, complete with three different gun attachments that can be attached to your miniature. Along with the AT-RT, you’ll find the associated unit card and an assortment of upgrade cards for you to enhance your AT-RT and other units.



Marching Orders Received! *STOMP STOMP STOMP*

Author: Adam Harrison
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