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STREAMING NOW – Dark Apocrypha “The Beast Arises”

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Feb 12 2018
Warhammer 40K

Deep in the heart of the Enigmus Sector a Waaagh grows.  Can the Blood Angels stop it before it grows into a colossus?

This week on Dark Apocrypha…

Welcome to the Enigmus Sector – the setting for Dark Apocrypha.

Download the Dark Apocrypha Campaign Minidex (pdf)

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The Enigmus Sector: Week 4 Day 1 – The Beast Arises (watch LIVE NOW)

Far to the southeastern quadrant of the Enigmus sector, something stirs. From the fallen Forge World of Sallverno, a nascent WAAAGH is unleashed unto the galaxy. First to feel it’s bloody wrath is the parched world of Icendar. By blind luck the Blood Angels Strike Cruiser Crimson Wing thought lost in the warp for decades anwsers the desperate Imperial hail, only saying they were “guilded by a golden hand”. But are they too late?


Big mek in mega armour w KFF – 7
Weirdboy – 4
20 boys w 2 big shoota and boss w big chopp – 9
20 boys w 2 big shoota and boss w big chopp – 9
20 boys w 2 big shoota and boss w big chopp – 9
10 stormboyz w bossnob w power klaw – 5
Wazbom blastajet – 8
50 pl 6/6 CP
Blood Angels

The Sanguinor – 9

Captain w. Jumppack -6

Sanguinary Priest- 4


5x Tactical Squad – 5

5x Tactical Squad – 5

5x Tactical Squad – 5
5x Sanguinary Gaurd – 8
Baal Predator- 8
50 6/6 cp 

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Author: Larry Vela
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