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GW’s Next Global Campaign, Squat Latest, Necromunda, & More

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Feb 12 2018

Necromunda, GW’s Next Global Campaign, Warmachine’s new mini-game, and More!

Necromunda: Orlocks Arrive, But Who’s Next

Gang War 2 brings the Orlocks on the scene in Necromunda, but we’re wondering what else is in store for the Underhive.

PP: Iron Sights Bring Sniper Duels to the Iron Kingdoms!

At last, a snipe hunt that WON’T leave you alone and crying in the woods at 2am.

GW: Orlocks, Fyreslayers, & Skaven “Pricing & Links”

Necromunda and Shadespire get some new crews to run with this weekend from Games Workshop!

RPG: New Friends Come To Tales From The Loop

Our Friends the Machines is the first Campaign Book for Tales From The Loop. Check out what adventure awaits!

How To Play Squats in Necromunda

The clock has chimed. Squats have come back to roost. Take a look at their rules.

40K: The Tau Codex – Hopes And Fears

The upcoming Tau Codex feels like it’s got a lot of work to do.

PP: Frogs, Bogs, And Tyrants, Oh My!

Check out what’s new this week from Privateer Press!

AoS: The Dread Solstice Dawns, New Global Event

The Malign Portents culminate in a global campaign–battle to decide your destiny!


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Author: Larry Vela
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