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Wyrd: Minako Rei Seeks Revenge

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Feb 13 2018

Check out the other side of the Undying box – Minako Rei and the Katashiro.

Last week we looked at Manos and the Mourners, now we get to see the other side of the fight.

Minako Rei was a member of Order of Balance. The order was charged with tracking down corrupted sorcerers that used their magic to extend their lives and power by consuming the souls of innocents. She is now the only surviving member of the order – her focus is to take down the Jiangshi and Manos, the traitor that destroyed it.

On the table, Minako Rei is a force to be reckoned with. She is able to use kharma to seal another’s fate, causing an enemy to suffer any damage that Minako herself suffered. Perhaps most notably, Minako is able to create the Katashiro that she uses to aid her in her mission.

The Katashiro are paper creations brought to life with magic. They are able to attack immediately upon being summoned or placed, and they are able to turn into origami cranes to place themselves in new locations. As constructs and Oni, they can find a home in many Ten Thunders crews.

These three models join forces with the Wanyudo, a moving, flaming wheel in order to hunt down Manos and bring balance at last.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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