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40K: Dal’yth Sept – The Stealth Salvo

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Mar 8 2018
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The master of T’au Stealth Technology are next up from Games Workshop’s latest preview for the T’au!

All this week Games Workshop has been showcasing what’s in store with the T’au Codex. We got a look at The T’au Sept, The Bork’an Sept, and the Farsight Enclaves. Today we’re taking a closer look at the Dal’yth Sept who are the masters of the T’au’s unique stealth technology

via Warhammer Community

The forces of Dal’yth, for instance, have all but mastered stealth field technology, outfitting anything from their Fire Warriors to their tanks with the latest patterns.

On the tabletop, this is represented by Adaptive Camouflage, a Sept Tenet that considerably improves the durability of your units:

Well now, let’s just think about that for a moment. Basically if a unit does not move, it gets the benefit of cover which would be an additional +1 to their armor save. Suddenly Firewarriors would have a +3 save and those pesky Crisis Suits would have a +2 save…That’s actually pretty good. And it’s not like those Firewarriors were going to move anyway, right? But this can be particularly nasty when pair with some of the other Suits…


The Ghostkeel Battlesuit is getting some more love in the book as well. Aside from the above bonuses that you can get for selecting Dal’yth, it’s got some built in boosts already:

Take a second look at that because it’s actually a buff – units attacking the Ghostkeel that are more that 6″ away are at -1 to hit! It used to be 12″ which was a problem considering many of it’s weapon options wanted to be used “danger close” but now you’ve got some extra breathing room. That’s not all – the Ghostkeel works magic with Stealth Suits as well, thanks to a new stratagem:

With the potential to pull a unit of Stealth Suits out of combat and reploy them up to 12″ away from the Ghostkeel, this ability is a fantastic way to get your opponent to commit and then “tactically retreat” leaving them in the open to be shot. And it doesn’t even count as a Fall Back move – so the Stealth Suits can still fire!


The Other Guys

The Kroot and the Vespids are two of the units in the T’au Codex that are also mentioned in this preview. I’m really hoping we see both units get an overhaul into something more…viable. But there is a warlord trait that will make them a bit more appealing:

Hey – at least that means they can assist in Overwatch! The meat shields are a bit more dangerous than before – and Vespids do have the Fly Keyword which means Falling Back and shooting is a thing they could do. Heck, they might also make some good bait units on the tabletop. Will the Vespid Revolution come with the new T’au book? …I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Dal’yth is going to be hard take out with out some good AP on your weapons – what do you think of this T’au Sept?


Author: Adam Harrison
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