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40K: Necrons Arise Next Week

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Mar 18 2018

It’s official folks, the Necrons are Nextcron…I’ll be here all week.

Everyone’s favorite murderous robots who sold their souls for bodies of living metal because they were tricked by some kinda primeval space god who was at war with other primeval space gods, but not chaos, because they have a beef pretty exclusively with the Imperium and also the Eldar, but even older space gods who–you know what, it’s complicated. Look folks, the Necrons are coming, the Necrons are coming. Neither by land, nor by sea, but rather by invasion beams. We’ve got the official announcement below, plus we’ve collected the official reveals, rumors, and leaks so you can get a sense of what the Newcrons will be like. Let’s take a look!

via Warhammer Community


Forgebane was just the beginning – across the galaxy, an ancient evil is rising. Next week, you’ll be able to pre-order Codex: Necrons, your complete guide to the 41st Millennium’s oldest living (or is that unliving?) race.

In addition there’ll be a collector’s edition codex which will be super limited, but if you are a dedicated Necron fanatic, or are somehow convinced that collecting all of the limited edition codices contain clues to unlock a mysterious new army from 8th Edition that I just made up, then you’ll want to check it out.


There are also Necron flavored datacards with Stratagems and so on printed on them, and the real exciting one is the new Start Collecting set that’s coming out.

That’s not all – as if Forgebane didn’t offer enough savings, there’s a new Start Collecting! set on its way for Necrons, featuring a specially selected set of units for kicking off your army. With enough for not one but two Patrol Detachments in the same set, it’s a pretty great way to expand an existing collection too.

So, that’s what’s coming. But what exactly do they do? Well, we know their dynasty rules are very strong, especially in light of the rumors out there. Take a look:

They all seem fairly strong, each one offering players a wealth of options, which will all seem to pair well with the rumored improvements to destroyers and tomb blades and of course, Transcendent C’tan.


Then, of course, there are some of the Stratagems we’ve seen:

All in all, things are looking good for team robots. This Codex feels a lot more exciting than some of the other recent ones, and a big part of that is the variety it seems to offer. We’ll doubtless get more rumors confirmed or clarified this week as the release day draws nigh.

In the meantime, I welcome our new robot overlords.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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